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Statement from Lila Rose on Sen. Chuck Schumer’s false claims regarding Planned Parenthood

Statement from Lila Rose, president and founder of the national pro-life group Live Action, on Sen. Chuck Schumer’s false claim that if taxpayer funding is cut to Planned Parenthood, women will no longer be able to get mammograms and ‘maternity care’ there:

“To try to justify $500 million a year in taxpayer funding for the nation’s biggest abortion chain, Sen. Schumer continues to parrot Planned Parenthood’s false talking points that it provides mammograms and ‘maternity care.’

“The reality is, Planned Parenthood does zero mammograms, performs less than two percent of women’s cancer screenings in the U.S., offers virtually no prenatal care, yet does over a third of the nation’s abortions – 887 abortions every day.

“Live Action’s recent investigation has shown that women wanting to keep their children who were seeking prenatal care at Planned Parenthoods across the country were consistently turned away, despite Planned Parenthood’s claims that its federal funding goes toward prenatal care. When subsequently asked, the abortion chain has refused to tell the media how many of its centers actually provide prenatal care.

“In a previous investigation, Live Action found that despite Planned Parenthood’s frequent claims to the contrary, it never did mammograms, which CEO Cecile Richards was forced to finally admit in a congressional hearing in 2015.

“Live Action’s investigations have dismantled Planned Parenthood’s talking points that attempt to justify its continued taxpayer funding. Clearly, Sen. Schumer, it’s time to redirect those federal funds to local health care providers that actually do mammograms, offer prenatal care, and provide more comprehensive health services to women.”

Video showing Planned Parenthood does virtually no prenatal care:

Video showing Planned Parenthood never did mammograms:

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