Statement on decision by Cosmopolitan Magazine to only consider pro-abortion candidates for endorsement

Cosmopolitan is not exactly blazing new trails here; anyone who wants
doctrinaire rabidly pro-abortion political endorsements already has
the mainstream media.  But there’s a better way for Cosmo’s
decision-makers to be taken seriously: scrap “Fifty Thousand Ways to
Please Your Man” and “How Much We Love Abortion” in favor of an ethic
that respects human dignity and opposes human rights abuses.

America’s youth are becoming more pro-life with every passing year.
The longer Cosmo clings to its abortion-centric mindset, the more it
reveals itself as a fossilized throwback from the failed Sexual
Revolution, recycling tired old falsehoods and warmed-over activism.
By-the-numbers abortion-playbook endorsements won’t change that.

The ’60s called.  They want their magazine back.


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