Planned Parenthood reacts to Cruz's selection of Fiorina as VP candidate

Planned Parenthood reacts to Cruz’s selection of Fiorina as VP candidate

On Wednesday, presidential candidate Ted Cruz announced his selection of ex-Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina as his running mate, should he win the party nomination.

Before the announcement was even made, Planned Parenthood took the opportunity to go on the offensive. In a blog post by Planned Parenthood Action, the abortion group attacked both Cruz and Fiorina, labeling them liars and the “Most Loathsome Pair in America.” Despite the abortion giant’s shamelessly distasteful slam of Cruz and Fiorina, coupled with typical empty and self-promoting rhetoric, Planned Parenthood apparently still considers itself in good standing to criticize what it calls Cruz’s “shady campaign tactics.”

Several Twitter users took exception to Planned Parenthood’s statements, calling out the abortion giant on Twitter…

Planned Parenthood Action also retweeted a collection of suggested slogans for the Cruz/Fiorina ticket, which include “The Clown & The Frown” and “Only one of us knows how to use a computer.”

In addition to Planned Parenthood’s flagrant reviling of Cruz and Fiorina, currently redirects to a Planned Parenthood page asking for — what else? — donations for Planned Parenthood!

Clearly, Planned Parenthood feels threatened by the Cruz/Fiorina campaign, and plans to fight dirty for continued taxpayer funding.

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