White House: Obama will veto bills that would prosecute infanticide and defund Planned Parenthood

This week the White House released a statement of administration policy indicating that President Obama would veto both  H.R. 3134 (a one year ban on funding for Planned Parenthood, which the House just passed) and H.R. 3504 (a bill to criminalize overtly killing babies born alive or neglecting to provide them care when they are accidentally born alive).

While it wasn’t a surprise to anyone who knows President Obama’s abortion-loving stance, it still seems shocking that the White House could stand in the face of blatant evidence and blindly support Planned Parenthood. But that’s just what it did. Sounding as if it took its information from Planned Parenthood, the memo continues to show that Planned Parenthood is leading this country on issues of abortion, in proxy of the President, who has acquiesced his job to the abortion giant.

The text of the memo says:

The Administration strongly opposes House passage of H.R. 3134 and H.R. 3504 because the bills, while different, would have the same consequence of limiting women’s health care choices.

H.R. 3134 would defund Planned Parenthood based on its provision of abortion services.  Planned Parenthood uses both Federal and non-Federal funds to provide a range of important preventive care and health services, including health screenings, vaccinations, and check-ups to millions of men and women who visit their health centers annually.  Longstanding Federal policy already prohibits the use of Federal funds for abortions, except in cases of rape or incest or when the life of the woman would be endangered.  By eliminating Federal funding for a major provider of health care, H.R. 3134 would limit access to health care for men, women, and families across the Nation, and would disproportionately impact low-income individuals.

H.R. 3504 would impose new legal requirements related to the provision of abortion services in certain circumstances, which would likely have a chilling effect, reducing access to care.

If the President were presented with H.R. 3134 or H.R. 3504, he would veto them.

The idea that saving babies born alive would have a “chilling effect” on healthcare somehow is a line that might well have been written by Hitler himself in Nazi Germany. We would be astounded to read, “If a Jew seems to survive the gas chamber, be sure to kill him completely.” But the White House seems to have no trouble writing the same thing with shrouded rhetoric. In essence, the White House is saying if we let the baby live, we infringe upon choice and healthcare access. The White House’s memo indicates no respect for life, only the power and control of abortion, which is the legalized extermination of unwanted people.


In its opposition to the defunding bill, the White House continues to display ignorance of basic facts that are accessible through its own government websites. The White House insists that “eliminating Federal funding for a major provider of health care… would limit access to health care for men, women, and families across the Nation, and would disproportionately impact low-income individuals.” This is a lie.

First, the money taken from the abortion giant would not be removed, but redistributed. There are 665 Planned Parenthood facilities in the United States; there are over 13,000 Federally Qualified Health Centers in the nation. Where will all those poor people go for health care if Planned Parenthood isn’t available? All over the place. All the money would go with them, and those patients would receive better and more comprehensive care. FQHCs exist in rural areas, poor areas, as well as in the bigger cities where Planned Parenthood likes to anchor its facilities so it can make more money killing babies, whether killed inside or outside the womb.

What the President’s pre-warning memo does show, however, is his utter abdication of leadership. The commander-in-chief he is not; he is a co-commander who passes the laws Planned Parenthood recommends. He is no longer running the nation in this area. Instead, a highly profitable organization with non-profit, tax-exempt status which receives half a billion dollars a year has taken the reins and is driving the horse where the cash is.

President Obama has become a talking head for a national death camp, and has indicated he is willing to put our troops in danger, and leave federal workers out of jobs by refusing to sign a federal budget unless it funds the abortion profiteer.

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