Men should have the right to abort fatherhood, says Swedish group

Abortion has long been portrayed by supporters as solely a women’s rights issue. Any man daring to speak on the subject – unless of course he supports abortion – is subject to ridicule from the pro-choice camp for his lack of female anatomy. Since men cannot get pregnant, they are expected to remain silent on abortion.

The youth wing of Sweden’s Liberal People Party (LUF Väst ) has apparently recognized the unfair standard for men in regards to abortion. They have taken action to “increase equality between the sexes” in regards to abortion. But their “solution” sounds a lot more like a sad joke than an actual idea.

LUF Väst has proposed giving men the right to a “legal abortion,” allowing them to officially opt out of being a father. This would mean if the mother went through with the pregnancy, the man would have no responsibility for the child.

It seems LUF Väst is irked that women can experience the joy of abdicating parenthood through abortion, while men cannot. While the group’s proposal is appalling, in a sick sort of way they may be on to something. Let me illustrate:


Dad doesn’t want the baby, leaves.

Mom keeps the baby.

SOCIETY: “Man, that guy is such a deadbeat loser!”


Dad really, really wants the baby.

Mom has an abortion.

SOCIETY: “Yay, women’s rights!”

In both scenarios, it is the mother of the child who holds all the power – and this seems to be precisely what LUF Väst is railing against.


While the way society views men, women, children, and abortion is messed up on several levels, LUF Väst is not likely to accomplish anything through their radical proposals. The Independent reports that group members have previously suggested “that incest between two consenting adults over the age of 15 be made legal, and that necrophilia be allowed in cases where the deceased had consented to ‘post-life sex’ prior to dying.” Radical, indeed.

Even the most convinced pro-choicer must be aware that traditionally, men are physically involved in the creation of a child. A large percentage of aborted babies are male. This gives men standing to enter the discussion on abortion. The fact that women physically carry the conceived child in their bodies does not cancel out the right of non-females to speak. But LUF Väst’s “solution” to the perceived unfairness surrounding abortion and parenthood isn’t a solution. It simply adds to the devaluing of the human being that has already been conceived by reinforcing the idea that one has a right to uninhibited sex, and caring for the child resulting from the sexual act is merely optional.

Editor’s Note: If you are a man who is trying to stop the abortion of your child or grandchild (or any child), and you are looking for options and ways to help, please see this article. The information provided in the article will also be helpful to friends and relatives of any woman considering an abortion. For women considering an abortion, see this article and this one, as well as these informative videos.

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