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Congressman Duffy speaks on House floor about Gosnell trial and media silence

Sean Duffy

Rep. Sean Duffy

Congressman Sean Duffy from Wisconsin addressed the House of Representatives last Friday regarding the Pennsylvania trial of Dr. Gosnell.  First he spoke of two different national tragedies that our nation has recently faced, the Sandy Hook shooting and the Boston Marathon, both of which claimed lives of innocent children.  As leaders gathered to discuss how to keep children safe, there are other children who are losing their lives in Philadelphia.  According to Duffy:

Meanwhile in Philadelphia, as dozens if not hundreds of babies have had their lives taken from them or they have been murdered— Left to lay in cardboard boxes.  Left in toilets trying to swim for air.  Or they have had the backs of their necks snipped—basically decapitated.  That kind of horror is being bestowed on children in American.  And yet where is the media? Where are the protests?  Where are the congressional hearings?  …  Where are the parents? … Where are the high-powered meetings with the senators across the aisle?  They are not happening.

The media has largely refused to cover this story until this month and reluctantly so.  There is a place for media to sit and listen to the trial, but that place is nearly empty.  According to Duffy, those who say they represent women’s right are not taking a stand to protect the voiceless and vulnerable of our society:

So I think we have to ask, where is NARAL, where is NOW, where is Mrs. Barbara Boxer standing up for poor minority women who are losing their lives in Philadelphia at the hands of an abortion provider? Where are they? The silence is deafening. Can’t hear ‘em. There’s no voice given to that poor minority immigrant.  There is no voice given to these little babies who are so vulnerable at the start of their life.  And they are voiceless.  But no one, even those who say they stand up for women and babies, they are unwilling to stand up at this time.

Congressman Duffy would like to know why his Democrat friends are not stepping up to help the children condemned to die shortly after they are born as he knows that these friends do care about children and the underprivileged:

Why aren’t my good friends across the aisle who have families, who have had children, who care about minorities and the poor and care about children—I know because I hear them—where are they?  Why wouldn’t they join us to expose this?  Is it that they care more about the abortion clinics than poor defenseless babies that are born alive and aren’t provide care, aren’t provided love, but are abandoned and left to die.  I can’t believe that’s true.  Is it that they agree more with partial birth abortions that are botched and babies are born alive and they are not willing to provide aid.  I can’t believe that.  Not offering live saving treatment for the most vulnerable among us.

Duffy, while himself believing that life should be protected before birth, does not find the issue of killing babies born alive to be a partisan issue, but believes that both those who believe in protecting the unborn and those who believe abortion should be allowed should come together on this issue:

How can anybody come forward who even supports abortion and say, “I’m not going to defend a baby that’s born alive?”  What kind of position is that?  Or that you wouldn’t lend your voice to this cause?  You could come out and say, “I support abortion, but I don’t support this.  This is wrong.  We’re better as Americans than that.  We’re better Congressmen and women than that.  We have bigger hearts than that.  This is not acceptable in our country….”  When do we step forward and say we are going to defend the most defenseless and the most defenseless among us?  When does this start?

Here’s a link to Congressman Sean Duffy’s full speech:

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