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Video: Enraged Planned Parenthood abortionist threatens to punch pro-lifer “in the f***ing face”


A Planned Parenthood abortionist lashed out in a sidewalk altercation last Saturday morning in front of the Planned Parenthood Orange Health Center located at 700 S. Tustin St. in Southern California. The event was captured on video and shows an angry abortionist threatening an older pro-life gentlemen who is peacefully demonstrating on the sidewalk.  The demonstrator is holding a rosary and literature when the abortionist walks over from his car, totally enraged.  The abortionist threatens to “sock [the man] in the f***ing face” and closes by stating that his is providing a service and is not a “baby killer.”


Pro-life leaders are already responding to the incident with Live Action President Lila Rose stating that:

This abortionist’s medical license should be immediately revoked for making threats of physical violence against a peaceful pro-life advocate practicing his first amendment rights. It is already an injustice and tragedy that this abortionist is allowed by the state to dismember and destroy helpless preborn children. Local authorities should immediately intervene to prevent this abortionist from threatening or harming any more people.

Unfortunately, such interventions seldom occur.  As almost any pro-lifer who has regularly visited an abortion mill to offer witness will testify, being verbally attacked or mocked by the abortionists and their employees is a very common occurrence. Abortion mill staff will even call the police to report what is actually law-abiding behavior in order to intimidate the pro-lifers who come to their facilities and stand on the front lines of the battle for life.

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