SCOTUS rules in favor of Hobby Lobby

The long-awaited verdict on Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius was released by the Supreme Court of the United States this morning. SCOTUS ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby’s (and all conscientious employers’) opposition to providing abortion-inducing drugs.Today’s SCOTUS decision also responds to a case brought forth by the Amish company, Conestoga Wood.  According to tweets from the SCOTUS Blog:

The decision, which exempts corporations that oppose providing free abortifacients from having to do so under the contraception mandate, is a victory for Hobby Lobby and supporters of religious freedom. SCOTUS blog also tweeted the following:

Essentially, companies like Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood will not be forced to violate their conscientious beliefs, but the government has the option under this SCOTUS ruling to cover the contraceptives from which conscientious employers are now exempt.

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Alito wrote the majority decision in the case.

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