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Gov. Jindal signs Louisiana pro-life bill into law

Louisiana has joined the ranks of states taking proactive measures in favor of women’s health by requiring abortionists to obtain hospital admitting privileges before they can commit abortions in the state. Governor Bobby Jindal signed HB388 into law this afternoon to bring Louisiana into this fold.

As in many states, many of Louisiana’s abortionists work on a visitation basis and do not live in an acceptable radius to local hospitals to attain privileges.  For this reason and a few others preventing the abortionists from obtaining admitting privileges, three of the state’s five abortion mills are likely to close.

Of today’s signing, Gov. Jindal stated:

I am proud to sign these bills because they will help us continue to protect women and the life of the unborn in our state. These new laws will give women the health and safety protections they deserve, and continue to make Louisiana a state that values individual human life.

The bill overwhelmingly passed in the Louisiana legislature last month. Governor Jindal, who is famed for his commitment to life, tweeted his approval for the bill shortly after it passed:

Under the pro-life leadership of Bobby Jindal, Louisiana has been named the most pro-life state in the country by Americans United for Life.  Opponents of HB388 call the laws draconian, and have insisted that they are designed not for women’s health, but to further an anti-abortion agenda designed to infringe on women’s rights. The bill enforce the same requirements on abortionists to which medical professionals in every other field already adhere.

Governor Jindal also signed HB305 today. HB305  prevents representatives from abortion-affiliated organizations from teaching sex education programs in Louisiana schools. Just this week, Live Action exposed some of the dangerous sex advice that Planned Parenthood is privy to share with young teens.

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