Abortion workers resort to obnoxious tactics to scare off pro-lifers

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Abortion center owner Norma Goldberger spoke of a conversation she once had with a nurse anesthetist in her facility who told her about some of the tactics the abortion workers used with pro-lifers outside…

He said he was so angry that he poured urine from the second floor window onto the demonstrators below. It was childish behavior on his part but he had reached his limit. Since pregnancy tests were done on first morning samples of urine, clinics had a ready supply of urine.

She also describes how they handled other demonstrators at the facility. One day there was a new pro-lifer acting as leader of the protesters. The man never been to the clinic before. Normally, the protests were led by a man named Farley. This is what Goldberger says the abortion workers did:

We decided to stand on the inside of the front glass door facing the leader and stare at his crotch. We made hand gestures indicating that what was there must be very, very small.… It worked. A few minutes of that tactic and the Farley substitute left and his entire group left with their leader. Best of all, he never returned to our clinic.

These obnoxious and childish tactics from clinic workers show that pro-life sidewalk counselors and demonstrators really get to them. Pro-lifers shining a light on what goes on inside the abortion center drives them crazy.


The pro-lifers are trying to reach vulnerable abortion-minded women with the truth.  Often, pro-life advocates can give a woman information she will not normally get inside the clinic. When women turn away, abortion facilities lose money.  It is not surprising that the abortion workers fight to protect their bottom line.

Source: Norma Goldberger Abortion Confidential: Secrets of an Abortion Clinic Owner (CreateSpace , November 23, 2014) Kindle Edition

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