5 reasons why abortion is the worst social injustice. ever.

“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!” – George Washington

I guarantee you – were he alive today, the visionary George Washington would be striving with us to end abortion. In fact he’d probably be on the board of Live Action. The following are five of the key reasons why I believe our Nation’s first President would stand with us.

Abortion kills the most innocent.
What could be more innocent than a pre-born human baby? We breathe in and turn our heads from the television in horror and dismay as we hear about the tragic fate of little Caylee Anthony. We mourn the senseless killing of young students at the hands of a gun-wielding maniac at Virginia Tech. The younger the victim, the greater the churning in our stomachs – the feeling of the hopelessness of humanity as a whole. I once watched The Exorcist – and I don’t recommend it – but the thing about the film that struck me most was the innocence, cuteness and happiness of the twelve-year-old girl before she became possessed. The first half of the film is designed to portray to the audience a healthy well-loved girl, blissfully unaware of any of the troubles of the World. The subsequent transformation from delightful to evil only more thoroughly disturbs and sickens us. The same scenario is true of the killing of a pre-born child through abortion. Murderers and rapists are rightly sentenced to imprisonment – but woe betide the fate of the man who murders or abuses a little child. The judge may be lax, but very often fellow inmates will not be so gracious; even their damaged consciences recognize the extreme degree of callous and calculated evil that such men would carry out against a little child.

The abuse or murder of any human is a great injustice, however it is clear that the younger or smaller the victim, the more reprehensible the crime.

Abortion kills the most helpless.
Who could be more helpless than a pre-born child? Abortion is the crime that goes unspoken. Do you know the names of the children that were killed by abortion in your neighborhood this past week? You don’t – that’s because nobody talks about them – it appears that nobody cares about them on an individual basis. How much easier is it for a murder to be carried out if the victim has no friends, no advocates to speak up on her behalf either before or after the crime is committed? Abortion is the crime that occurs in secret, inside her mother’s body; inside the cold, sterile room of an abortion mill; fenced off and located down a private – and aptly-named dead-end street. The pre-born child cannot even cry out for help – at least, they do, but their cries go unheard. The late Dr. Bernard Nathanson – a former abortionist himself has spoken of this cry in his gut-wrenching video documentary, The Silent Scream. The pre-born child has nowhere to run. Her mother’s womb, formerly a haven of nurture and safety has now become her tomb. A fully-grown man, equipped with the latest child-killing technology and equipment, a mother prepared to open her legs and allow the abortionist to do his terrible work – what chance does the child have?

It is tragic when a helpless young child is killed, when a disabled person is abused, or when a woman is overpowered and assaulted – these are all heinous and evil crimes. However the pre-born child is the most helpless of all. She cannot fight off her attacker, scream out, or run away.

Abortion is the cruelest.
What could be crueler than the “procedure” which is given the vague, clinical term of “abortion”? Abortion is a word which means “to end prematurely” – an incredible, unforgivable understatement when the true nature of abortion is considered. It is all the more cruel when the above two factors, the innocence and helplessness of the victim are taken into account. In an August 2, 1998 article in the UK’s Electric Telegraph, it was stated that scientists had found that newborn children feel pain longer and more sensitively. “In premature babies, the mechanism that allows older children and adults to “dampen down” the pain messages does not work properly.” From experience, the younger a child is, the more violently they will react to pain. Perhaps it’s the shock of pain, or the feeling of betrayal by their parents, or the hurt itself. The pain of abortion is the only pitiful interaction with society that the victims of abortion will ever experience.

In a suction aspiration abortion, a hollow plastic tube with a sharp cutting-tip is inserted. This tube is connected to a suction machine that is able to pull the tiny, developing human being apart as it is suctioned out of the uterus (killing him or her in the process). In the increasingly prevalent medical abortion, the woman is given the drug mifepristone (RU486) which causes the embryo to die from starvation. In a dilation & evacuation abortion, the abortionist uses forceps to dismember the fetus by seizing a leg or arm and twisting it until it tears off and can then be pulled out of the uterus. This will continue until only the head remains. Finally the skull is crushed and also pulled out. The body parts must then be reassembled to ensure that the entire baby has been removed. In a late-term dilation & extraction abortion, the abortionist uses forceps to turn the child around and then pull her out, feet-first. At this point the child’s head is too large to pass through the cervix. The abortionist holds the moving, breathing child and inserts blunt surgical scissors into the base of the child’s skull, spreading the tips apart. A suction catheter is inserted into the skull and the brain is sucked out, causing the skull to collapse. [Read more at Abort73.com]

Abortion is the most prevalent.
Which social injustice is the most common in our World today? Today around the world, approximately 120,000 children will be killed through abortion. Planned Parenthood’s sister organization, the Guttmacher Institute estimates that on average 42 million abortions take place globally every year. The number one reason that it is deemed impolite to even talk about abortion is that it is so prevalent, with between 1 in 4 and 1 in 5 U.S. pregnancies being ended with an induced abortion.

Look at Russia where the fertility rate is only 1.4 children per woman – far below the 2.1 rate required for population replacement. In 2009, there were 74 abortions for every 100 births in Russia, a significant drop in comparison with 169 abortions per 100 births in 2000. In a 2004 U.N. survey, Russia had the world’s highest abortion rate –  53.7% of women were having abortions. This has led the country’s president Dmitry Medvedev to sign a law requiring clinics to warn expectant mothers of the purported health hazards of the procedure.

In fact if you’re alive and reading this then you are a survivor of abortion. 1/3 of your generation did not even make it to birth.

Abortion is the most accepted.
What is the most accepted and dare I say it, cherished social injustice taking place today? Planned Parenthood’s abortion mill in Dallas is situated one mile away from where I’m sitting, writing. There’s an abortion mill somewhere nearby your neighborhood, college or workplace. Whenever the topic of abortion arises, the mainstream media almost universally rushes to its defense. Groups of people take to the streets to express their support for this social injustice, demanding that the abortion of children continue to be protected and enshrined in law.

Proponents of a “child’s right to choose” are told that they are seeking to remove essential healthcare from women. If abortion really is women’s healthcare, then it should be accepted and protected. However as survivor of a saline abortion Gianna Jessen has said, “if abortion is about women’s rights, then where were mine?” By framing the social injustice of abortion as a women’s health issue, advocates of legal abortion seek to make a case for abortion as being necessary and acceptable.

Some would argue that domestic violence, child abuse, or bullying are accepted in our society. It is true that they may often escape the attention & condemnation that they deserve. However it is clear that there is no social injustice more protected in law and public sentiment than abortion.

There are many crucial and important social justice issues to be involved in. Speaking against animal cruelty and exploitation. Campaigning for free speech. Finding practical ways to assist the homeless and truely impoverished in our society. Fighting the spread of AIDS in third world countries. I am in no way saying that these and other causes for social justice are unimportant, and people are needed in these areas. But I am saying that the fight to make abortion unthinkable is the most noble, the most crucial cause for social justice that exists in our generation.

Will you join us?

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