2011 breaking records for pro-life laws passed

I’m loathe to repost anything from the Daily Kos, but they provided this nifty graphic attributed to the Guttmacher Institute showing legislative trends on abortion for the past 25 years. The volume of pro-life laws passed just in the first half of this year is off the charts.

But, with the occasional exception of landmark bills like the new fetal pain bans, most of these laws have been relatively low-hanging fruit. In the second half of 2011, we still have votes on a Personhood Amendment in Mississippi and a personhood law in Alabama to look forward to–and who knows how many other brave pro-life majorities in state houses across the country will keep pushing the envelope? Prediction: the Supreme Court will hear the case that could overturn Roe in the next 5 years, if we make sure to pass the laws that challenge it.

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