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Why abortion is genocide

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“Never again!”  These words are often spoken in regards to the Nazi Holocaust, along with the phrase, “Never forget!”  But I submit that our society does not understand the Nazi Holocaust and would not accept legal abortion if it did.  What specifically is to never happen again – Germans killing millions of Jews?  What if Germany exterminated millions of Africans – would we then say the Nazi Holocaust was repeating itself?  If Russians set up concentration camps to kill Jews by the millions, would we only then say that the Third Reich had returned?  What if America killed 50 million unborn human beings – is that not akin to Nazi crimes?

The Nazi Holocaust claimed the lives of six million Jews and five million others, including gypsies, Catholics, communists, atheists, homosexuals, etc.   We need to remember that not only is it wrong to exterminate Jews, it is wrong to exterminate members of any group.

Question: should it be acceptable for a person to state, “This is a human being, but it is not a person with a right to live equal to ours – he or she can be killed for reasons that would not justify killing you or me.”?  At the beginning of a debate over abortion, I would like to set a ground rule that pro-choicers not be allowed to employ this argument.  Is it not clear that it is impossible for abortion advocates to make their case without this evil assertion?

As for the post-Holocaust oath, “Never forget,” I don’t think enough people currently understand what historic lesson they were to not forget.  “Never again”?  Again!  I submit that legal, widespread abortion means that victims of the Nazi Holocaust died in vain.  Of course, nobody is saying pro-choicers are as cruel as members of the Third Reich, but their ideologies and mounds of victims are similar.  Offended at this comparison, pro-choicers seem to reply, “The Nazis only THOUGHT Jews were inferior, but fetuses REALLY ARE inferior!”

The neurosis of the German people was mostly caused by a state-run media spewing hateful, anti-Semitic propaganda to an eager, racist audience.  The pro-choice pathology is largely caused by roughly 80 million women and men who are the parents of abortion-killed children who don’t want to admit it, or to have it discussed among others.  (Readers who doubt that killing unborn babies is like killing Jews should watch “Eclipse of Reason,” between minutes 10 and 15 on YouTube.  The video graphically depicts a second-trimester abortion.)

Abortion is genocide and too many pro-choice Jewish people fail to admit this.  Jewish columnist Ben Stein writes in the May, 1998 issue of American Spectator magazine:

… [Pro-abortionists] cannot look at their handiwork or the handiwork they defend. Across the country, they shrink from photos of the babies killed in abortions. Through their mighty political groups, the pro-abortionists compel TV stations to refuse advertisements showing partial birth and other abortion artifacts. They will not even allow viewers (or themselves, I suspect) to see what their policies have wrought. They are, at least to my mind, like the Germans who refused to think about what was happening at Dachau and then vomited when they saw — and never wanted to see again.

Jewish Rabbi Jacob Neusner is a professor of religion at the University of South Florida, Tampa and Bard College, New York.  He published an article containing the following excerpts in the October 26, 1998, issue of Christianity Today:

… [H]ow is mass abortion in the State of Israel such as is practiced by the secular (but not the religious) portion of the Israeli population not comparable to mass murder of Jewish Children in German Europe?  As the numbers mount up, when do considerations of volume enter in and validate calling the annihilation of millions of lives a Holocaust? I think they do. Here is a Holocaust today. Every Jewish child born in the State of Israel is a survivor of the Holocaust sustained by Israeli law.  The difference is, Germany has acknowledged its shame. But for the annual annihilation of tens of thousands of Jewish children, the State of Israel acknowledges nothing.

It appears that not even the majority of Jews understands the real lesson of the Nazi Holocaust, that all genocide is wrong, which could amount to the greatest failure of history in history.

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