Five dangers of a Planned Parenthood coming to your city

Nationwide, there are over 650 Planned Parenthood clinics. Nine out of the top ten college towns in the U.S. have a Planned Parenthood. All of the top twenty major metro areas have a Planned Parenthood clinic that performs abortions.

Planned Parenthood has been under government investigation for tax fraud. Corruption is widespread. Planned Parenthood takes over $1.4 million (yes, million) each day in our taxpayer dollars. And every 90 seconds, they end the life of another baby through abortion.

While these facts are grim, what do they mean for you personally? Let’s cover five dangers of a Planned Parenthood clinic coming to your city.

1) Babies will die, and women will be harmed.

Planned Parenthood has given a mandate to its affiliates throughout the nation: perform abortions. Medical facts tell us that abortion is a particularly gruesome death. It usually involves ripping a baby’s arms and legs off, suctioning them until their spines collapse, or injecting poison directly into their hearts.

Instruments of death: tools used to kill babies in abortions.

Instruments of death: tools used to kill babies in abortions.

Planned Parenthood claims to care for women, yet it fails to give them full and accurate information about fetal development and the risks of abortion itself. Women  die at Planned Parenthood, receive inadequate medical care, and are subjected to filthy, unsanitary conditions.

This is to say nothing of the lasting emotional, physical, and psychological harm caused by many abortions. Much of this harm is not realized or experienced until years later.

2) Minorities will likely be targeted.


An undercover investigation found that Planned Parenthood was more than happy to take a donation specifically designed to abort black children.

Can anyone say “racist”?

3) Teens will be encouraged to throw abstinence (and even safe sex practices) out the window.

When Planned Parenthood comes to town, it loves to talk to teens. Planned Parenthood is often found in sex ed and health classrooms, spewing its lies and unsafe practices.

Teens are told that abstinence really isn’t possible, so why try? They are encouraged to experiment — even with unsafe, abusive, and violent sexual practices.

Planned Parenthood is one of the worst teachers imaginable for impressionable youth, and yet that’s exactly whom the abortion giant targets. Then, when a teen girl winds up pregnant, who is there to provide her with an abortion — without her parents’ knowledge, of course? Planned Parenthood.

4) Women will be lied to and given false information.

Planned Parenthood is forever saying that a woman’s choice is what’s important, but the abortion giant forgets all about an informed choice.

This is the reality, at all points in pregnancy, that Planned Parenthood denies.

This is the reality, at all points in pregnancy, that Planned Parenthood denies.

Some Planned Parenthood counselors still refer to an unborn child as a clump of cells, a pregnancy, or other inhuman terms. This, despite the irrefutable facts of modern science that tell us that, from the moment fertilization occurs, a new, unique human life has come into being.

Instead, Planned Parenthood sometimes refuses to let women see the ultrasounds or hear their babies’ heartbeats. No information is given about a baby’s heart beating at 21 days, her brain waves being measurable at six weeks, and her ability to suck her thumb and yawn at 9 1/2 weeks.

Women are also given false information regarding the real risks of abortion. Planned Parenthood would much rather make the sale than allow women to be fully informed.

5) Human traffickers will have a way out.

A Live Action investigation found that multiple Planned Parenthood clinics were more than willing to cooperate with an admitted human trafficker. If he wanted abortions for his sex slaves, Planned Parenthood would provide them.

Planned Parenthood also sent this minor girl right back into the arms of her rapist, failing to report her sexual abuse. Planned Parenthood was far too interested in what it does best — abortions.


Let’s personalize these five dangers a little more. Do you want your teen (or yourself) subjected to Planned Parenthood’s misinformation and abusive advice? Do you want your friends subjected to Planned Parenthood’s lies about their unborn babies? Do you want a racist organization in your neighborhood?

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