Daily Beast writer falsely asserts Clinton doesn’t support partial-birth abortion

Mike Pence’s reference to Hillary Clinton supporting partial-birth abortion during this week’s vice-presidential debate was sure to ruffle a few feathers. Right on cue, noted abortion propagandist Erin Gloria Ryan shot back with a Daily Beast piece calling the charge a “lie”:

If the claim that Clinton is in favor of aborting full-term babies sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Rubio made an identical claim—rated as “False” by PolitiFact—during the Feb. 6 Republican primary debate, and Carly Fiorina repeated it during the GOP primary debate on March 30.

It wasn’t any truer when Pence said it Tuesday night. In fact, so-called partial-birth abortions were outlawed in the United States in 2003. That law was challenged all the way to the Supreme Court, and in 2007, the court ruled in Gonzalez v. Carhart that the law should stand.

In no speech at any point on the 2016 campaign trail has Clinton advocated for reviving such a practice. In an address she delivered in 2005, Clinton stated she didn’t believe the government should interfere at all in a woman’s decision to have an abortion, but she made those statements in the context of pointing out the way China and Romania had historically treated pregnant women, not in U.S. law, and not in the context of demanding the widespread acceptance of late-term abortions.

Well, if PolitiFact says so

Ryan seems to think partial-birth abortion already being illegal and the 2005 address not being specifically about the procedure should put the matter to bed, as if that’s all the evidence there is. She conveniently forgets, as I documented back in February, that Clinton not only voted against the 2003 ban, but she condemned the Supreme Court decision to uphold it in 2007—two years after the speech Ryan cites.

Clinton expressly said that forbidding partial-birth abortion was “infringing on fundamental rights” and “imposing onerous burdens on women and their families,” and that subjecting one’s child to that procedure was a “complex and highly personal” decision that fell within the rightful scope of “the rights and lives of women.”

She said that protecting babies from being partially delivered and then killed would be “criminaliz[ing] a medical procedure” and fear-mongered that doing so would invite America to do “the very same kinds of things” done in Communist Romania and China to coerce and restrict childbirth.

If Erin Gloria Ryan is aware of Hillary Clinton ever disavowing these remarks—the only thing that could possibly make her title true—then by all means, let’s hear it. That Hillary hides her position by never using the words “partial-birth abortion” means nothing—especially when she continues to call it “extreme” and “dangerous” to ban the first cousin of partial-birth abortion, late-term abortion. Demonstrated in the video below is a late-term induction abortion:

Of course, Ryan probably is fully aware of how Hillary voted, how she reacted to Gonzalez, etc. That doesn’t stop her from absurdly pretending “it isn’t clear where Pence is getting the notion that Clinton supports partial-birth abortions,” because all that matters to the abortion cult is The Narrative.

Speaking of The Narrative, she rounded out her column by peddling a couple more pieces of it

Kaine rebutted Pence/Rubio/Fiorina by reiterating his stated belief that it wasn’t the role of public servants to “mandate” their faith for everybody else, and that he and Clinton supported Roe v. Wade.

via St. Joseph's County, IN police department

Purvi Patel (via St. Joseph’s County, IN police department)

This talking point, unfortunately, was only made possible by Pence’s one oversight in an otherwise-excellent performance. No pro-life politician should ever let a pro-abort get away with lying about the irrefutable biological fact that abortion kills living human children being just a religious matter.

He then suggested that the Trump-Pence ticket would punish women who had abortions. During Kaine’s response, Pence shook his head like a father who could not believe he found a marijuana joint in Kaine’s sock drawer.

Exasperated, Pence responded that neither he nor Trump would ever support legislation mandating punishment for women who had abortions. It’s an interesting claim in light of the fact that one of Pence’s lasting legacies as governor of Indiana will be the prosecution of Purvi Patel, a woman who was punished for feticide after being suspected of attempting to induce her own abortion.

Confirmed: we’ll never hear the end of the Purvi Patel case from pro-aborts, no matter the facts of her guilt or the fact that she was freed on appeal. As Live Action News readers may recall, Patel didn’t “just” attempt to self-abort; she gave birth and then left her live son to suffocate to death in a dumpster. I think prosecuting that is an okay “lasting legacy” to have.

To Erin Gloria Ryan and her fellow travelers, Hillary Clinton’s actual positions don’t matter. The children abortion kills don’t mater. Purvi Patel’s crimes don’t matter. All that matters is getting what they want, and no lie—no matter how implausible, easily checkable, or harmful—is too big in getting it.

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