Confessions of a pro-life volunteer

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Dear World,

You’ve asked, many times, why I work to save “fetuses” instead of helping “real people.”  Well, I have a confession to make.  I truly do believe that “fetuses”—which, by the way, means little ones in Latin—ARE real people.  I don’t just say that to make my work sound good.  I believe it from the bottom of my heart.  Honest science has always stated that human life begins at the moment of fertilization.  And I really do believe that every human is a person.  It’s common sense to me, and I think, to many.

I confess to you that, in addition to my work for unborn children, I also help many of those you consider “real people.”  I’ve built houses for the poor in Mexico.  I’ve written letters to lonely soldiers overseas.  I’ve brought my children to sing at our local nursing home.  I’ve donated stuffed animals, blankets, and books for homeless kids.  I’ve given my hard-earned money to orphanages in Africa.  I’ve volunteered at my son’s kindergarten class.  I’ve even taken in an emergency foster-care baby for two nights.  It’s just that these kind of things don’t make the news like the pro-life issue does.  And I don’t like to broadcast what I do.

I confess to you that I don’t believe any person on earth should have the choice to kill another innocent human being.  A tired, overworked mom who holds down two jobs shouldn’t have the choice to kill her three year old just because it would make her life easier.  A dictator shouldn’t have the choice to kill his citizens who start an uprising against him.  A tribal warlord shouldn’t have the choice to kill the neighboring tribe’s women to get back at his rival.  Gangs in inner cities shouldn’t have the choice to gun down innocent citizens just because they think it’s a fun past time.  And no mother should have the choice to kill her unborn child because of her inconvenient or difficult circumstances.  She shouldn’t have the choice to kill her child because he was conceived in rape or incest.  No child should pay the penalty for his father’s crimes.

I confess to you that I’m not a co-dependent, needy helper.  I’m not trying to manipulate women.  Trust me…I have nothing to gain from spending my time, money, and effort trying to convince moms to love their children.  Well, I have nothing to gain except for more love in my own heart for more people.  But really, the children AND moms are the ones gaining.  Not me.  I don’t want anything other than every single person on earth to have the chance to live.

I confess to you that I’m not donating my money to project my personal religious views on you.  Even though I’m a Christian, I think you can (and should) be pro-life whether you’re a Christian or not.  Fighting to save every innocent life is the decent thing to do.  While I love Jesus and go to church, I’d be pro-life even if I didn’t.  For me, letting babies live isn’t just about religion.  It has a lot to do with accurate science, moral decency, human dignity, equal justice, civil rights, and common sense.

I confess to you that I do indeed want everyone on earth to share my views.  That’s why I volunteer on this issue.  It’s why I spend my time and money on it.  Don’t you think a world where every single person was welcomed and loved would be a wonderful place to be?  Don’t you think less killing would promote peace?  And doesn’t it start at the very beginning…when each person is making their entrance into this world?

That’s all for now.  Thanks for listening to my confession.


An Anonymous Pro-Life Volunteer

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