Be Informed and Know What to Say About the Planned Parenthood Debate

Five Talking Points Debunk Planned Parenthood eBookCongress is approaching a critical decision in the fight for life as public funding for Planned Parenthood becomes an increasingly hot topic on Capitol Hill. We’re exposing statistics and myths about Planned Parenthood in our latest eBook so that you can be educated and informed when the discussion arises.

In 5 Talking Points to Debunk Planned Parenthood, we walk through the top arguments that arise in the pro-choice media regarding the benefits of Planned Parenthood, and how each argument pales in comparison to the 323,999 abortions the organization commits each year. That’s 887 abortions a day, or one abortion every 97 seconds.

This atrocity must be stopped – join the fight for life and learn how to stand up for your beliefs with our latest eBook.

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