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Virtual abortion pill dispensaries are shipping drugs to minors

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Virtual abortion pill dispensaries are shipping the potentially dangerous abortion pill regimen to teens who are likely to have little adult or parental oversight or supervision. It is unclear just how many teens are currently accessing abortion pills online; however, due to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) weakening of safety requirements for Mifeprex to permanently allow the abortion drugs to be shipped by mail, it is likely that the ease of online ordering may result in more minors accessing them without adult supervision or knowledge. According to Planned Parenthood’s website, obtaining the abortion pill may depend on the laws “where you live,” while referral groups like Plan C are already advising abortion clients how to flout state regulations.

Midwife sells abortion pills to 15-year-olds

Christie Pitney, an advanced practice midwife with Forward Midwifery — part of the MYA Network of virtual abortion pill organizations — services clients in California, Colorado, Oregon and Massachusetts. She has also worked with Aid Access and is a consultant with the abortion referral agency Plan C.

In a recent interview with Ms. Magazine, Pitney admitted that she sells abortion pills to minors as young as 15. “I’ve had minors —I think the youngest that I’ve had was 15 years old—up to mid to late 40s,” she stated. Pitney is a regular presence on the Tik Tok platform popular with younger demographics.

Image: Christie Pitney ships abortion pills thru Forward Midwifery (Image: Tik Tok)

Christie Pitney ships abortion pills thru Forward Midwifery (Image: Tik Tok)

Pitney’s abortion clients allegedly receive “patient education” before she speaks to them by phone to answer any “small additional questions” abortion clients may have. By her own admission, phone time between Pitney and her abortion pill clients range between “five minutes or less” to “about 30 to 40 minutes” depending on their questions or level of “anxiety.”

Pitney began offering abortion pills with the controversial group Aid Access during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I reached out to Dr. Rebecca Gomperts of Aid Access to see how I could help,” she told Ms. Magazine. “They did not have a provider for California yet so I was able to step into that role. Then I started Forward Midwifery, my private telehealth practice. I began offering telehealth abortion through Forward Midwifery and Aid Access for California in February of 2021 and then Massachusetts in May of 2021. I added Oregon in November of 2021. Through Forward Midwifery, I began serving Colorado in January of 2022…I currently have pending licenses for New Mexico, D.C., and New York and then potentially more as well. I want as many options out there as possible for folks,” Pitney explained.

Pitney claimed setting up her online abortion pill business, where she also sells drugs to teens, was simple. “I didn’t find it that difficult to get started. I got malpractice insurance, I got the electronic medical record system, I set up accounts with GenBioPro and Honeybee Health,” she added in the interview. GenBioPro is the generic for Danco, the manufacturer of the abortion pill mifepristone (Mifeprex).

Abortion pill study recruited children as young as 10

A clinical trial sponsored by Gynuity Health Projects to support the TelAbortion model openly claimed to include participants as young as 10. A study site referral form by Maine Family Planning (see below) clearly shows a willingness to ship abortion pills to children too young to even legally consent to sex. Despite this fact, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) just granted Maine Family Planning $157,500 in taxpayer dollars under the Title X family planning program to MFP under their corporate name, Family Planning Association of Maine, Inc.

Image: Maine FP TelAbortion abortion pill referral recruits ages ten years old

Maine FP TelAbortion abortion pill referral recruits ages ten years old

During that same trial, the Family Planning Research Center of Hawaii was offering online abortion pills to minors 14 years and older, while the abortion chain Carafem offered abortion pills to teens as young as 15 in several states. In addition, during that same trial, Planned Parenthood was recruiting to ship abortion drugs to teens 15 years or older in Oregon and Washington State and 16 years or older in Montana.

Selling abortion pills to minors as young as 14

PillsbyPost.com openly admits that it will sell the potentially dangerous abortion drug regimen to teens as young as 14.

“We offer abortion services to pregnant people in Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota and New York. We offer services to people over the age of 14. If you are under the age of 18, please visit our Minors page for more information about this service,” the Pills by Post website states.

Abortionist Razel Remen coaches teen girls that they can obtain abortions without any parental consent in several states, telling Ms. Magazine, “Illinois recently eliminated their parental consent requirement for minors, but Minnesota and Colorado still require parental notification. They don’t require consent. Parents just have to be notified. I’m in contact with a lawyer in Colorado, who said that she would help with judicial bypass if a patient needs it. And then I’m going to also get in contact with someone in Minnesota to see if they can help people with judicial bypass if they need it.”

The abortion pill dispensary’s website advises minors that in Illinois they “not need to tell or ask for your parent’s permission to have an abortion.” Despite that fact that in Colorado, the abortionist must notify “one parent at least 48 hours before” a minor’s abortion and in Minnesota they must notify both parents, the website claims that minors “do not need their permission to have an abortion” in those states.

The abortion pill is far from the safe drug it is marketed to be, as it can carry serious risks including incomplete abortions, hemorrhage, serious infections, hospitalization, and even death. Results of a recently released Telabortion study, which implemented extremely stringent safety requirements than would be seen in normal use, revealed that 6% of “known outcomes” from the abortion pill were severe enough to result in emergency room or urgent care visits.

Online abortion pill websites ship to teens

Dr. Julie Amaon formerly ran the North Austin Planned Parenthood but is now medical director at the online abortion pill dispensary Abortion Delivered, a.k.a. Just the Pill. When she was asked about her abortion clients, she responded by telling Ms. Magazine, “They are all over the map. We see minors in all of our states…”  Just the Pill ships abortion drugs in Minnesota, Montana, and Wyoming through either Honeybee Health Pharmacy or American Mail Order Pharmacy. Amaon told Ms. Magazine they have plans to expand into Colorado and Illinois.

Another virtual abortion facility, Choix Inc., is said by Ms. Magazine to offer an online abortion “to anyone 16 and older in California…” Choix ships mifepristone through the Honeybee Health pharmacy into California, Colorado, and Illinois.

In the past several years (2008 to 2017), the number of medication abortions has skyrocketed 73%, according to Planned Parenthood’s former “special affiliate” the Guttmacher Institute. In addition, information recently published by the FDA reveals that as of  the end of June 2021, an estimated five million women in the U.S. have used the abortion pill mifepristone to end the lives of their preborn children.

Editor’s Note, 3/14/22: Added section on Pills by Post.

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