Planned Parenthood CEO absurdly credits group for 30-year abortion low

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Earlier this month, news broke that CEO and president of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards was resigning from her position. It was one she had held for 12 years during which time she helped Planned Parenthood’s abortion numbers rise while national abortion numbers declined. She has also been heavily involved in politics. Such influence has clearly been seen in the political participation of Planned Parenthood, which a Congressional committee in 2015 found to involve tax payer dollars.

On Friday, Richards addressed her resignation in a Facebook video which included a description stating that the abortion giant has found “new ways to speak our truth.” The video was brief, but also full of typical Planned Parenthood “truths” of talking points and lies. In lauding the work of the nation’s largest abortion business, Richards framed the organization as a health care entity, specifically one which provides “life-saving work.” Towards the end of her address she mentioned with regards to historic abortion lows:

Today, abortion is at a 30-year low for unintended pregnancies and historic lows for teen pregnancy. This is one of the most public health success stories in history, and it would not have been possible without the life-changing, and life-saving work of Planned Parenthood.

It is absurd for Richards to take such credit when her organization performs more abortions than any entity in the country. According to the recently released 2016 annual report, the group did see a slight decrease in abortion, but of only two percent. The much delayed previous annual report had showed an increase of abortions the organization committed, which is consistent with Richards’ time at the organization. Planned Parenthood also saw a decrease in their contraceptive services.

The historic low is also true for teen pregnancy. But when it comes to teens, Planned Parenthood has tried to push themselves and their agenda, including with failed sex education programs and attempts to set up shop in high schools. Teens aren’t getting pregnant less because of this abortion corporation, but because they’re engaging in abstinence more, the only 100% effective method to avoid pregnancy.


As for other services, Planned Parenthood doesn’t perform mammograms, though that lie was repeated ad nauseum during Richards’ tenure. While she did acknowledge the truth before Congress in September 2015, Richards falsely claimed the organization never misled anyone about this. As for breast exams, this so-called “women’s health” leader  performs just 1.8 percent of those in the country. Pap smears are provided at a 0.97 percent market share.

The organization has also billed itself as providing non-abortion services like prenatal care. Evidence from Live Action investigations, however, show that Planned Parenthood does not actually provide prenatal care at a majority of their affiliates, despite claims from its higher ups, including Richards, and advertisements on its website before the investigation came out.

So much for that “life-saving work…”

Planned Parenthood’s main priority of abortion is certainly “life-changing.” Women may suffer physically and/or psychologically from their abortions, but Richards doesn’t talk about or acknowledge those women.

In an email to supporters, Richards also used the buzz word of the “care” Planned Parenthood supposedly provides, when it comes to “the millions of people who stand with Planned Parenthood to protect and expand access to care.” Abortion is not “care,” but Planned Parenthood does whatever they can to sell the abortion procedure to women, with their abortion quotas, misinformation and their belittling, anti-woman empowerment statements.

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Recall how politically involved not only Richards is, but how Planned Parenthood has become under her tenure. Even when it comes to the organization’s so-called health care centers, there was a push for politics. The abortion giant sought to register voters at their facilities, and yet still lost big in the 2016 election, despite spending a record $30 million.

The email went on to claim they “have helped Planned Parenthood patients receive care they simply could not get anywhere else.” Just as non-abortion services have declined, so have Planned Parenthood’s clientele. With the low market share this abortion organization has in many services, it’s not true that people cannot get care elsewhere.


Despite the frequent reminders from Live Action News and other pro-life sources, Planned Parenthood and its supporters fail to heed the truth that the group is outnumbered 20 to 1 by other clinics, which don’t commit abortions. These centers would have the chance to provide even more services, and serve even more people, if Planned Parenthood was defunded, so that these clinics could be funded instead.

Richards talks a big talk about her organization and its so-called services, but it is clear that when they speak of “our truths” they are really talking about their continued lies. Whatever she goes on to do next, her legacy will not be forgotten by the pro-life movement, which will continue to work to protect pro-life children and their mothers, despite the greedy nature of Richards and Planned Parenthood.

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