HHS awards Planned Parenthood $5M for teen pregnancy program

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has just received more than $5 million under so-called “Teen Pregnancy Prevention Opportunities” granted under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In addition, the government agency also granted $946,514 to the Regents of the University of California, San Francisco, which operates an abortion training program.

The TPP program is described by HHS as “a national, competitive grant program that provides funding to replicate and scale evidence-based TPP programs and develop and evaluate new and innovative approaches to improve adolescent sexual health outcomes and promote positive youth development in communities across the United States.” According to HHS, the TPP program was “established in 2010 with a Congressional mandate to fund medically accurate and age appropriate programs to reduce teen pregnancy.”

The five-year government awards which begin July 1, 2023, includes $5,119,840 to six Planned Parenthood affiliates.

Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast was granted $983,516, despite a name change to Planned Parenthood of South, East and North Florida (PPSENF) sometime between February and April of 2015.

According to their most recent annual report for 2020, PPSENF offers both abortion and “gender affirming care.”

Planned Parenthood California Central Coast (PPCCC) was granted $798,640 despite committing 3,198 abortions in 2019-2020, 3,327 in 2020-21, and 3,605 abortions in 2021-22. In June of 2018, PPCCC began offering “gender affirming care (GAC)” to “patients 18 years and older” and by 2019 reported they had “recruited, hired and trained a GAC navigator” by the name of Matt Raiti. Within a year, PPCCC’s clients for GAC rose nearly 65% from 173 clients reported in their 2019-2020 AR to 285 clients reported in the 2020-21 AR. GAC clients increased by another 43% to 408 clients in their 2021-22 AR.

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, Inc. (PPMM) was awarded $985,867 in July 2023 and was previously awarded a $1,004,826 grant from HHS for the affiliate’s “Sex Ed Equity (S.E.E.) Project” which will target children as young as thirteen to “prevent teen pregnancy among youth who are at risk or involved in the juvenile justice system” and “train and support ‘youth influencers.’”

The taxpayer dollars were granted despite PPMM committing 23,656 abortions in FY 2022, over 20,000 abortions in FY 2021, and 19,146 in FY 2020. The affiliate launched its “Gender Affirming Care program as a core service” in 2020. According to PPMM’s 2020 AR, the affiliate recorded 1,041 GAC visits. The following year, PPMM recorded 1,764 GAC visits in their 2021 AR, claiming that “75% or more of middle and high school students who completed PPMM Sex Ed agreed that if they had questions about sexual health, gender identity, or being safe in relationships, they could trust Planned Parenthood to help them.” That percentage rose to 92% in their 2022 AR, where they recorded 4,378 GAC services.

While PPMM has claimed online that the affiliate would offer GAC services to 16 and 17 year-old children “with parental consent” they noted that PPMM was “not currently able to prescribe puberty blockers or gender affirming hormones therapy to youth under 16.”

Image: Planned Parenthood Mar Monte Gender Affirming services for minors

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte “Gender Affirming services” for minors

Planned Parenthood Great Northwest HI, AK, IN, and KY, formerly called Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaii Islands (PPGNHI), has been awarded $487,013 despite recording 18,929 “abortion related” visits in 2018, 19,253 in 2019, and a whopping 32,603 in 2020.

In addition, the affiliate “introduced Gender Affirming Hormone Care in all 27” of its centers in 2018 and has increased from 2,532 “gender affirming hormone care” services in 2019 to 4,178 in 2020.

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, Inc. (PPH) has been granted $773,619 by HHS, despite major privacy breaches likely leading to a name change a few years ago. In 2018, Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota (PPMNS) announced it would join with Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (Iowa and Nebraska) to form one five-state regional affiliate — Planned Parenthood North Central States (PPNCS) — so it is unknown as to why this affiliate is still receiving grant dollars under its old name.

PPNCS recorded seeing “11,542 patients seeking abortions” in FY 2022, and “3,460 patients received transgender hormone therapy” that same year. The affiliate also claims online that “Patients must be at least 16 years old and post-puberty to qualify for” transgender hormone therapy.

Image: Planned Parenthood North Central States Gender Affirming services for teens

Planned Parenthood North Central States “Gender Affirming services” for teens

PPH was previously awarded $684,461 in HHS grants for (2020-2023) to implement “curricula in clinic settings, schools, and community-based organizations to target African American and Latinx youth living in Woodbury and Pottawattamie Counties” with a goal to “decrease teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates through community responsive, youth-driven, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health interventions.” The tax-funded project was to include “community engagement through advisory councils” where “PPH aims to reach 350 youth in year one and 1,004 in years two and three for an annual average of 786 youth. Additionally, the project aims to reach 20 parents per year.”

In April 2016 when Planned Parenthood of the Heartland closed its facility in Dubuque, Iowa, it left thousands of private medical records inside the building for months, while the building was being shown and was eventually sold. Planned Parenthood of the Heartland later reported the breach, affecting 2,506 individuals, in July of 2016. Then in 2018, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland again reported a privacy breach of 515 patients at its Bettendorf center in Iowa.

Planned Parenthood of Greater New York (PPGNY) was granted $1,091,185 in July 2023. The funds followed two additional grants totaling over $2 million.

PPGNY recorded 2,841 transgender hormone therapy (THT) services in their 2021 AR and 3,843 in 2022. PPGNY also recorded 28,086 abortions in their 2022 annual report, where they claimed to be “Doubling Down on Abortion Access.”

“PPGNY increased abortion appointment availability at all 23 health centers by 20%, in direct response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s dangerous decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and uphold Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban. We also hired a Director of Patient Navigation to assist people who need to travel to New York from abortion-hostile states, facilitating travel, lodging, and securing funding on behalf of patients,” the affiliate’s 2022 AR stated.

The affiliate was previously awarded $1,169,723 in HHS grants (for 2020-2023) to “implement Project STIQ (Supporting Teens in Queens to Promote Sexual Health) to promote healthy behaviors and reduce the teen birth rate and related negative sexual and reproductive health outcomes. The project will replicate effective sexual education curricula including Be Proud! Be Responsible!, and Project AIM,” the HHS website claimed. A separately awarded grant of $930,000 was sent to implement Project SHINE – Sexual Health Innovation Network for Equitable Education with Youth with Developmental Disabilities targeted at “teens and young adults aged 16-24 in New York with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities (ID).”

PPGNY made news recently after changing the name of their flagship Manhattan Health Center, (formerly called the Margaret Sanger Center) in July 2020. The name change only took place after hundreds of past and current Planned Parenthood of Greater New York employees published an open letter which alleged the abortion organization was “founded by a racist, white woman” and had a “present steeped in white supremacy.”

Over the years, accusations of abuses, scandalsfraud, racism, pregnancy discrimination, privacy breaches, Medicaid fraud, staff lay-offs and other related accusations have piled up against Planned Parenthood. Today, Planned Parenthood remains the largest abortion corporation in the nation ending the lives of over 1,025 preborn babies every single day — nearly 43 per hour, and one every 84 seconds. In addition, the organization is one of the top providers of “transgender care” promoting and benefiting from this ideology as their latest “cash cow.”

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