Senators disregard Planned Parenthood abuses and decreased services in letter to CDC

A letter drafted by a group of Democrat Senators which seeks to protect Planned Parenthood has failed to take into account the organization’s abuses and decreasing services and the reasons why funding the abortion corporation is bad for the American taxpayer. The July 21, 2017, letter addressed to Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, the new head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), inquired about how the passage of “Trumpcare” might impact Planned Parenthood — not how funding Planned Parenthood would impact the taxpayer.

It read in part:

[…] Trumpcare would ban federal funding for one year for Planned Parenthood, cutting off access to trusted providers where many women and men access critical preventive services, including in many areas with few other health care options. Planned Parenthood provides hundreds of thousands Pap tests and breast exams each year, and they provide more than four million tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV.  Denying access to these services, especially in rural areas, will leave patients across the country without access to contraception, cancer screenings, testing for and treatment of STIs, and much more.

In their letter, Senators Patty Murray, Al Franken, Christopher Murphy, Margaret Hassan, Sheldon Whitehouse, Tim Kane, and Bernie Sanders issued a list of requests for the CDC head, including this one:

Please explain how Trumpcare’s proposal to ban federal funding for Planned Parenthood could limit access to preventive services, including contraception, Pap tests, breast exams, tests and/or treatments for STIs, and cancer screenings.

Live Action News reviewed the list of “Planned Parenthood services” these Senators inquired about and here is what we found:

  • Pap tests – DOWN 74% since 2005: 1,116,681 (2005) vs. 293,799 (2015)
  • Breast exams – DOWN 62% since 2005: 842,399 (2005) vs. 321,700 (2015). And Planned Parenthood performs zero mammograms.
  • Sexually transmitted infections testing: UP 47% since 2005: 2,899,066 (2005) vs. 4,266,689 (2015)
  • Contraception –  DOWN 25% since 2005: 3,744,498 (2005) vs. 2,808,815 (2015)
  • Cancer screenings – DOWN 67% since 2005: 2,009,835 (2005) vs. 665,234 (2015)

While taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood have nearly doubled in the past ten years, up 82 percent from $305.3 million (2005) to $554.6 million (2015), patients and services at Planned Parenthood have decreased.

What hasn’t decreased in the past ten years is Planned Parenthood’s share of the abortion market and the number of preborn babies they abort. Abortions are up 24 percent since 2005 (264,943) to 328,348 in 2015.

But this is not the first time politicians have misled the public to keep precious tax dollars flowing into Planned Parenthood’s coffers.

Live Action has previously exposed the way that pro-abortion politicians have touted false Planned Parenthood talking points in order to keep the abortion corporation funded to the tune of $1.5 million dollars per day. The fact is, the millions of government dollars funneled to the faux health care organization has not helped to better health care in the country.


Planned Parenthood is not good for the taxpayer. The organization is abortion focused, and this letter is a clear indication that politicians are more willing to protect Planned Parenthood than the American taxpayer.

To emphasize this fact, take a look at this small sample of some Planned Parenthood abuses, which certain abortion-friendly politicians seem willing to overlook:

  • Documented evidence that women do not need Planned Parenthood for contraceptive services.
  • Documented evidence that Planned Parenthood is losing patients.
  • Documented evidence that services at Planned Parenthood are on the decrease, despite an increase in abortions and government funding.
  • Documented evidence dispelling Planned Parenthood’s 3% abortion myth.
  • Documented evidence that Planned Parenthood lies about the services it provides, including prenatal care.
  • Documented evidence that Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms, despite claiming that it did.
  • Documented evidence that funding Planned Parenthood also funds its abortion facilities.
  • Documented evidence that Planned Parenthood has abortion quotas.
  • Documented evidence that abortion is the primary service that tax-funded Planned Parenthood offers pregnant women because as a former worker testified, “they made their money if somebody had an abortion.”
  • Documented evidence regarding the poor standard of care Planned Parenthood gives to their clients. Former Planned Parenthood managers accused the abortion focused organization of “treating women like cattle” and using ultrasounds only for abortions.
  • Documented evidence that Planned Parenthood is misinforming women about the development of their babies.
  • Documented evidence that Planned Parenthood was a eugenics-based organization at the time of its founding.
  • Documented evidence that Planned Parenthood has been cited for overbilling abuses and Medicaid fraud, and for violating patient privacy.
  • Documented evidence that Planned Parenthood is failing to report child sexual abuse (a violation that alone should result in the organization losing millions of taxpayer dollars granted to it under the federal Title X Family Planning Program).
  • Documented evidence on the kind of sex “education” the abortion corporation is giving to teens. Planned Parenthood promotes BDSM and other disturbing sexual practices to teenagers.

The list above does not even include the number of women injured or killed after using Planned Parenthood’s alleged “services.”

In May, the U.S. House passed a measure that would repeal parts of Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood for one year. Despite promising to do so, the Senate has failed to pass a similar measure.

As a result of the failure of Congress to defund Planned Parenthood, taxpayers continue to be forced to send $1.5 million every day to enable Planned Parenthood to end the lives of 900 preborn children, to deceive women, and to potentially use tax dollars in inappropriate or fraudulent ways.

Haven’t we had enough of this kind of government waste?

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