Angry at Netflix for sexualizing minors? Wait until you learn what Planned Parenthood has done.


Outrage at Netflix over its decision to stream the film “Cuties” has led to a mass exodus of customers who say the movie exploits preteen girls. The company, which faced pushback in 2019 when it announced it would actively fight Georgia’s pro-life law banning abortion on preborn babies with detectable heartbeats, showed its support for Planned Parenthood in 2018 when an episode of its show “Big Mouth” promoted the abortion giant. Now it seems legalized abortion isn’t the only controversial issue on which Netflix and Planned Parenthood agree.

Planned Parenthood would have Americans believe that their sex education programs are simply a part of their efforts to help girls and women while it defends its promotion of abusive sexual behaviors. Similarly, Netflix is defending “Cuties,” calling it “a social commentary against the sexualization of young children” while apologizing for how the film was marketed. Filmmaker Maimouna Doucouré also spoke out after people began boycotting Netflix, saying the film was meant to “fight against young children’s hypersexualization.” However, she noted that the girls starring in the film worked with a child psychologist — which points to the fact that the adults making the film knew the children were being paid to act in a way that could be detrimental to their mental and emotional health.

If you are outraged about Netflix’s “Cuties” normalizing the sexualization of children, then you might also be outraged by Planned Parenthood’s longtime role in sexualizing children.

Planned Parenthood Sex Ed

Planned Parenthood believes sex-ed should “begin at birth,” and is working to infiltrate the public school system beginning in kindergarten, stating, “Ideally, sex education in school is an integrated process that builds upon itself year after year [and] is initiated in kindergarten […]” The corporation’s kindergarten curriculum for five-year-olds includes the discussion of unplanned pregnancy and abortion as well as gender identity. A proposed sex-ed plan from the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), which includes Planned Parenthood members, teaches kindergarteners about masturbation.

As previously reported by Live Action News, multiple sex-ed programs are connected to Planned Parenthood and share the same emphases:

… [B]y seventh grade, Washington state’s KNOW Curriculum manual notes guidelines for teachers to:

Show and handle contraceptives no sooner than 7th grade and no later than 8th grade and continue lessons throughout high school. This includes condom demonstration on correct condom use.

This curriculum isn’t new to the state, however. Live Action News has reported on this controversial curriculum in another Washington state school district, as parents helped boot out another Planned Parenthood connected curriculum, Get Real!, only to find out the school district may have duped them into Planned Parenthood-connected curriculum anyway with its use of the KNOW Curriculum.

Planned Parenthood’s Teen Council is nothing more than a group of teens taught by Planned Parenthood how to instruct their peers about sex.

Keep in mind that throughout the United States, the minimum age of sexual consent ranges from 16 to 18. Many states have tiered systems, age differential exceptions (“Romeo and Juliet” laws), and allow exceptions for marital status. Generally speaking, these laws are meant to protect minors and children from predatory adults.

Yet Planned Parenthood’s sex-ed program seems to ignore these safeguards by encouraging children as young as kindergarten to experiment with sexuality, and children in middle school to handle condoms. So if public policy discourages and punishes sexual conduct with minors, why does this organization receive taxpayer funding to encourage children and minors to experiment with sex?

Dangerous behavior promoted to teens

As children age, the “education” Planned Parenthood provides grows increasingly more dangerous. Live Action’s undercover investigative “SEXED” video series shows Planned Parenthood staffers telling girls as young as 15 that “stop” during sexual activity doesn’t always mean “stop.” One worker tells the girl, “‘Stop’ — those can kinda get, like, mixed up when you’re having intercourse. For some guys, they don’t know, ‘Does she really mean stop?'”


In those same videos (warning: mature content), Planned Parenthood workers can be heard instructing teens to visit sex shops and pornography websites that they call “educational” and “helpful” for learning how to have “kinky” sex. Staff even recommended that the teens purchase items including whips and handcuffs. One Planned Parenthood staffer told a teenage girl, “I think you’ll have fun.”

Girls were also told that choking, asphyxiation, and torture sex are consensual and normal, not abusive.

Monica Cline, a former sex educator who worked for Planned Parenthood, told the Daily Caller last year that she was trained not to educate teens on sex but to encourage it. She was told to teach teens about “oral, vaginal, and anal sex, and the use of sex toys.” She was not to instruct young teens to abstain from sex.

“Risk reduction is simply telling them how to make the risk safer by using lubrication and condoms,” explained Cline. “The next step is to make them understand they need to be tested for STDs every couple months. The sex education grooms them for promiscuity. Grooms them for STD treatment, and grooms them for abortion.”

For teens who are not subjected to Planned Parenthood in the classroom or in a clinic, Planned Parenthood has designed video series that teach teens about BDSM, in which teens are told that if they want to have sex, they should.


Planned Parenthood teaches teens to engage in sex whenever and with whomever they wish, and are made to believe that they are being “safe” simply by using condoms. Then when birth control fails, Planned Parenthood is there to sell them abortions.

Planned Parenthood also encourages minors to hide their sexual activity from their parents, instructing them on how to avoid using the family computer to access porn and how to access birth control and STD testing without using their parents’ insurance.

While Americans are understandably disturbed by Netflix’s latest offering, Planned Parenthood has been objectifying and sexualizing children for years under the guise of “education,” and have received large amounts of taxpayer funding to do it. It is unquestionably time to defund Planned Parenthood.

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