Former sex educator: Planned Parenthood ‘grooms’ girls for abortions

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Monica Cline, a former sex educator who worked with Planned Parenthood, has come forward with an explosive accusation. Cline, who worked first as an HIV prevention educator and then a Title X Training Manager, was a sexual health educator with Planned Parenthood for ten years. She said she was told not to educate girls on sex, but to promote and encourage it, as well as contraceptives, with the goal of grooming girls to have abortions.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, Cline said her training began with a surprising statement. “We have to approach this and look at your audience and realize that they’ve probably done anything and everything related to sex,” she said the Planned Parenthood Director of Prevention Education told her. “It was very explicit.” Cline explained that she was instructed to inform girls about things such as, “Oral, vaginal, and anal sex, and the use of sex toys.”

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Monica Cline

She then explained that she was shown case studies which found girls as young as 10 needing abortions, having “foreign objects” removed, and suffering injuries. Cline was told these girls needed help, and she agreed. “Wow, you’ve convinced me,” she recalled saying. “How do I teach these girls not to have sex?” But the educator said the goal wasn’t to teach them to stop having sex; instead, it was to teach them how to have it “safer.” Planned Parenthood’s focus was on “risk reduction.”

“Risk reduction is simply telling them how to make the high risk safer by using lubrication and condoms,” Cline said. “The next step is to make them understand they need to be tested for STD’s every couple months.” This, Cline explained, was nothing more than a grooming program. “The sex education grooms them for promiscuity. Grooms them for STD treatment, and grooms them for abortion,” she said.

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“Teens are being given false ideas that condoms will cover all the bases,” she continued. “They do tell them to get tested and treated – which means coming back to the clinic – and if they are pregnant they are encouraged to get an abortion.” Cline then explained that educators were supposed to identify with what the girls were going through in order to better push them towards abortion. She also explained that staffers did not report cases where pimps brought in their prostitutes, thinking it would discourage future clients in similar situations. After she attended a human trafficking conference, she thought her findings would be helpful to other Planned Parenthood staffers. Instead, she was told, “Honey, if she’s not having sex with this man this month, she’ll be having sex with another man next month.” It was this that led her to finally sever ties with the abortion corporation.

Live Action News previously reported on Cline’s experiences, where she said,

I was teaching on human trafficking and statutory rape, and was telling Planned Parenthood staff of Corpus Christi and the Gulf Coast, basically, you’ve got to report when you see a girl coming in with an older man that you can tell is not her father. You know something’s wrong, you’ve got to report that; it’s considered human trafficking. It is also considered statutory rape; you’ve got to report this. And they started laughing.

What Cline experienced lines up with information found in Live Action’s undercover investigations. Live Action’s Aiding Abusers series uncovered Planned Parenthood’s systemic cover-up of child sexual abuse, committing abortions and then sending them back to their abusers. In SexEd, Planned Parenthood’s dangerous sex advice for children was exposed.


Planned Parenthood “counselors” were caught advising young girls to engage in BDSM and other dangerous sex practices. One counselor suggested roleplay and said a 15-year-old girl should let her boyfriend dress up like a baby and pretend to breastfeed. Other disturbing suggestions ranged from foot fetishes to BDSM, one of the most popular suggestions, brought up numerous times in facilities across the country. Whipping, choking, asphyxiation, and violent torture sex were recommended, as well as experimentation with horsewhips, clamps, and ropes. Sex that left welts, burns, and marks was not described as unacceptable, but part of a normal and healthy sex life – and not as abusive. They were also given advice on how to work their way into having anal sex.

As Cline found, Planned Parenthood doesn’t have the best interests of girls and women at heart. For them, the patients they see are nothing but a potential source of profit. Rather than helping victims of abuse or giving teenagers sensible advice about sex, Planned Parenthood encourages dangerous, promiscuous behavior and hides abuse so they can profit off of them instead.

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