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Abortion profiteers say selling abortion pill is a ‘great business model’ for them

Selling abortion pills by mail is a “great business model,” according to Dr. Katharine Morrison, medical director of Buffalo Women Services abortion facility in western New York. In an interview with New Yorker Magazine journalist Eyal Press, Morrison explained that surgical abortion (also referred to as procedural abortion) is much more expensive and time consuming compared to prescribing the abortion pill regimen because, she claimed, “You have to have staff, an ultrasound-sonographer, equipment, an R.N.,” she said.

This is why Morrison added that selling abortion pills is “a great business model.”

Morrison was one of several independent abortion facility workers expressing concerns over Planned Parenthood’s “too cautious and too corporate” positions since Roe’s reversal. Morrison, along with Terri Fregoe, owns and operates the Buffalo Women Services facility, according to the clinic’s GoFundMe post.

According to a 2022 article, “The average price of a medication abortion… grew from $495 in 2017 to $560 in 2020, per a study published… in the journal Health Affairs. The authors expect that trend to have continued into 2022,” they wrote.

While authors of the report told the media outlet that “onerous and unnecessary clinic regulations” might be driving up the costs of the abortion pill, the truth is that the industry is profiting immensely from abortion pill sales.

Today, unregulated abortion pill dispensaries are a growing business — and combined with the growth of telehealth services which ship the abortion pill by mail, facilities like Planned Parenthood are likely making a killing (pardon the pun) prescribing the deadly abortion pill regimen.

In addition, many online abortion pill dispensaries (which distribute potentially dangerous drugs to minors) have openly admitted that they spend little time with clients while providing little to no follow-up. All anyone needs to sell abortion pills today are a computer, phone and the ability to write a prescription.

Live Action News found that the new abortion pill business model has not resulted in better care for women. To the contrary, the new model has resulted in the elimination of ultrasounds and proper pregnancy dating, testing, and labs. It has eliminated the in-person requirement for dispensing the drug, where the woman or teen would likely see a clinician and obtain some sort of exam.

And now that women can “self-manage” their abortions at home, abortion facilities have also off-loaded the cost to dispose of aborted human remains.

Rather than encouraging proper disposal of the blood and fetal remains, abortion industry workers tell their clients to simply sit on the toilet and flush their aborted children into the public sewer system. Not only is this potentially bad for the environment but women are now acknowledging the emotional impact of seeing their dead children after DIY abortions.

In addition, since the Biden administration allowed the abortion pill to be distributed by mail or dispensed by retail pharmacy, the abortion industry is able to get by with far fewer staff and facilities.

As a result, as Live Action News previously documented, the abortion industry has morphed into something resembling pill pushers — far from the health care facilities they portray themselves to be.

Data from Planned Parenthood’s former “special affiliate,” the Guttmacher Institute, revealed that by 2020, abortion pills made up over half of all abortions (53%). Data from various states (ex: CA,  CO) as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates the number and rate of abortions may be ticking upward due to availability of chemical abortion pills. CDC data for 2020 revealed that abortion pill use has risen a whopping 154% since 2011.

Abortion pill ‘business model’ results in rise in UK ambulance calls

In the UK, the rise in the abortion pill business model has corresponded with a rise in ambulance calls.

Kevin Duffy, a former Global Director of Clinics Development at Marie Stopes International, wrote in a recent tweet, “The abortion business model has been changing fast over recent years. The largest provider here in the UK reports that 95% of its contact with ‘clients’ is by telephone only, 85% of cases are early medical abortion, mostly self-managed at home.”

A report published by Great Britain’s News Channel (GBN) claimed, “Ambulance dispatches and 999 calls responding to abortion pill concerns have risen by 64% since 2019.” 

“Six ambulance trusts in England replied to GB News’ Freedom of Information request, which asked for the number of 999 calls and ambulances dispatches from people concerned about abortion pills,” the online media reported. “They show there were at least 380 call-outs in 2019, this increased by 64 percent to 624 in 2020, with some ambulance trusts having double the number of calls and subsequent responses.”

“London Ambulance Service saw the number of callouts go from 93 in 2019 before the pandemic, to 150 in 2020, an increase of 61 percent. The ambulance dispatches rose even further in 2021,” the report stated listing additional ambulance service increases as well.

Tragically, GBNews.com also reported, “The National Network of Designated Health Care Professionals have recorded cases of women taking abortion pills when they’re too far along in their pregnancy, resulting in a small number of aborted babies being born alive.”

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