Planned Parenthood centers to open at 50 Los Angeles high schools

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Planned Parenthood is working with the school district of Los Angeles to open reproductive health centers at 50 high schools. The Washington Post called the pilot program organized by the largest abortion provider in the United States “the most ambitious effort in the country” to bring these kinds of services to children.

Los Angeles County has invested 10 million taxpayer dollars along with $6 million from Planned Parenthood in order to allow about 75,000 children to access a full range of birth control options — incidentally, hormonal options kill up to 400 women a year — along with testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancy counseling. Hormonal birth control is dangerous for young girls and increases the risk of depression among them. Birth control has also been shown not to reduce teen pregnancy.

Abortion will not be offered in the school building, but it is likely that Planned Parenthood staff in the schools will be able to schedule abortions for girls at off-campus Planned Parenthood abortion facilities nearby. Planned Parenthood will also train hundreds of teenagers to act as “peer advocates” for other teens. As Jennifer Rivera, a Planned Parenthood staffer who will be in charge of training these teens has said, “Teens listen to other teens.” This isn’t a good thing. It’s the inexperienced leading the inexperienced. Rivera is just 23 years old, herself.

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Perhaps the most frightening part is that parents will not be told of their children’s appointments with Planned Parenthood. These children will be able to schedule appointments in the on-campus Planned Parenthood, leave class to attend the appointments, and neither school officials nor parents will have any knowledge of this.


Placing Planned Parenthood centers inside school buildings and allowing an adult who has no previous knowledge regarding the lives of these children to lead them into sexual relationships that they aren’t emotionally prepared for — while barring the adults who actually care about them from being a part of it at all — is a major disservice to these children.

Women and girls die from birth control. They die from legal abortion. And if there is a health emergency while they are at home and their parents have zero knowledge of any birth control they are using or an abortion they have undergone, it will leave these girls at potentially serious risk. The parents will not have all of the information to provide to the emergency responders or the doctors in the emergency room.

In addition, Planned Parenthood repeatedly fails to report suspected sexual abuse, taking the money for abortion and sending rape victims home with their assailants, allowing the abuse to continue. Planned Parenthood has even been caught telling sex traffickers they can pose as guardians for the victims they bring in for abortions and birth control. These high school girls who may be suffering abuse will go to Planned Parenthood for help but won’t receive any. It’s been seen time and time again.


Make no mistake, Planned Parenthood is an abortion business masquerading as a non-profit health center for women. Their CEOs make six figures and their salaries put them in the top one percent of the population. Even as the national number of abortions continues to decline, the corporation’s abortion numbers continue to rise. Meanwhile, their actual health care services are declining. Their last president, Dr. Leana Wen, was fired for putting too much of an emphasis on health care and not enough on abortion.

Girls in Los Angeles — and around the country when the program expands — will suffer, but what Planned Parenthood cares about is its bottom line.

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