Pro-abortion Vice Media wanted woman to abort so they could film it

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Texas is ground zero for abortion activists. The state has passed numerous pro-life laws in recent years, including banning brutal dismemberment abortions and putting into place protections for victims of sex trafficking and the abortion industry. The state has also permanently banned taxpayer funding for abortion. And while all of these things have made the state safer for both preborn children and for women, it has also made Texas a target for pro-abortion activism — including from the media, which is supposed to be unbiased.

In 2015, Vice was considering doing a special for HBO on abortion restrictions in Texas, and a producer came up with a twisted spin: find a woman, try to convince her to have an abortion, and film it. The producer’s manager thankfully axed the story, and the producer was fired.

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In this instance, thankfully, a plan to exploit and manipulate a woman into helping a pro-abortion media outlet in crafting a story was put to a screeching halt. But Vice — and other pro-abortion media outlets like it — has been successful numerous times, make no mistake.

Vice, for example, has published numerous pro-abortion articles and videos, including going “undercover” at a crisis pregnancy center and calling pro-life restrictions “class warfare.” But Vice isn’t alone; the media at-large has a nasty habit of portraying abortion positively and covering for organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Consider, for example, the annual March for Life. Year after year, the media downplays attendance and gives it little coverage. The March for Women, however, received seven times more media coverage. The March for Women was hostile towards pro-lifers and refused to partner with the pro-life group New Wave Feminists.

Planned Parenthood is also a media favorite. When Planned Parenthood was caught lying about providing prenatal care services for women, the media tried to cover for the organization.

There have also been numerous stories arguing that Planned Parenthood should keep its taxpayer funding, outright ignoring the Senate report on fetal trafficking — or the selling of body parts by Planned Parenthood of babies they aborted. In fact, the media called tried to halt the investigation into Planned Parenthood’s crimes by calling for the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives to end.

The popular media isn’t any better. Netflix cartoons feature offensive songs with lyrics like, “get dat fetus, kill dat fetus,” and the media sings their praises. Celebrities, from Disney stars to comedians, show a pro-abortion bias, too. Magazines like Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Teen Vogue are in on the game.

What does all of this prove? That the media has no shortage of bias when it comes to pro-life issues, and it makes our job as pro-lifers that much more difficult. While there are certainly reporters and producers who will report the news fairly and accurately, the reality is that the media at-large has an overwhelming prejudice against pro-lifers, and it’s not likely that we will see that change any time soon. It means that pro-life laws, laws that Americans almost overwhelmingly support, will be reported on negatively. It means that pregnancy resource centers will be smeared and lied about. It means that the realities of how post-abortive women suffer will be hushed up. And it means that the crimes of Planned Parenthood will be kept quiet, too.

We cannot rely on the media to report honestly about abortion. But the good news is that we have truth on our side, and truth can never be buried for long.

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