Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs bill banning brutal dismemberment abortions

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs bill banning brutal dismemberment abortions

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation Tuesday to ban the gruesome second-trimester D&E abortion procedure, also known as dilation and evacuation. The procedure, during which an abortionist uses a sopher clamp to tear apart a preborn child limb from torso, is described below by former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino.

The procedure, which is an inhuman and violent act against a preborn child, is committed up to 24 weeks since a woman’s last menstrual period. Texas is the eight state to prohibit the procedure, a step that is being praised by pro-life groups.

“The Texas Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act is a vital step in protecting pregnant mothers and their unborn children from being subject to such a dehumanizing experience,” said National Right to Life Committee State Legislative Director Ingrid Duran.

Gov. Greg Abbott, a pro-life advocate, has taken strong steps to ensure protections for the preborn. Last year, Abbott announced the LIFE Initiative to make Texas “the strongest pro-life state in the nation” and called for the total defunding of abortion giant Planned Parenthood, a prohibition on altering abortion procedures to harvest body parts, and tougher protections for the preborn.

Senate Bill 8 also prohibits the donation of fetal parts for medical research and requires abortion facilities to cremate or bury the bodies of aborted children. The law will take effect in September.

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