Late-term abortionist who killed women is back in business and ‘thriving’

abortionist LeRoy Carhart

Abortionist LeRoy Carhart commits violent late-term abortions and has a disturbing history of health violations, gross negligence, injured patients, and cavalier statements that show what little regard he has for life. Carhart is now almost 77 years old, and in recent years, has botched numerous abortions, killing at least one patient and injuring at least 15 over the past five years alone. In 2016, He stopped all abortions at his Maryland abortion facility; less than a year later, the owner of the facility announced that he had sold the building to the Maryland Coalition for Life, forcing Carhart to close. Chelsea Souder, Carhart’s director of clinical services and communications director, said “it was a really dark time” for Carhart especially. “My whole team was disheartened at the lengths these extremists will go to in order to limit women’s ability to make their own decisions about their health and future,” Carhart wrote in an e-mail, adding that he was “heartbroken” for the women whose babies he would no longer be able to abort while his facility was closed.

But within two months, Carhart had found a new facility where, according to the Huffington Post, his abortion business is now “thriving.” According to Souder, Carhart and his staff have seen over 500 patients in a year at his new facility. Interestingly, the author of the HuffPo article, Catherine Pearson, argues that late-term abortions are exceedingly rare — yet they make up 75% of Carhart’s abortion business. One of Carhart’s abortionists-in-training stated, “I didn’t have any exposure to third trimester abortions until I came to work at Dr. Carhart’s clinic. I had been seeking more training and after spending just three weeks at the Bethesda clinic, I was able to see how huge the need is.”

While Pearson acknowledges that the vast majority of Americans want late-term abortion to be illegal, she promotes the idea that these abortions are necessary.

There is never a “need” to deliberately kill children in the womb, and this has been stated by many medical practitioners. In the third trimester, these children are even capable of surviving outside the womb with assistance:

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Carhart says he is “proud” of committing abortions, and has spoken out about the need for younger abortionists. “A lot of abortion care providers are older — especially those who provide care as pregnancy progresses,” he admitted. “I don’t have plans to retire, but someday I won’t be practicing anymore, and I don’t want these services to disappear.”

Carhart’s fellow late-term abortionist Susan Robinson says abortionists are shunned and stigmatized by other doctors. “Other doctors look down on you and think of you as like the lowest of the low.” Fewer and fewer doctors are willing to learn how to commit abortions, and medical students who do are often shunned. Carhart himself trained under the late George Tiller, who also was a late-term abortionist, and said that he plans to do the same thing.

“Working with the next generation of providers is something I’ve always done, but now that I own my own practice, I’m able to invest in hiring and training physicians and nurses to provide this care…. I want them to understand why patients seek abortion care, so that they can give their patients the compassion and respect they deserve. That’s something my former colleague, Dr. Tiller, felt strongly about, and it’s work I try to carry forward.”

Notably, Pearson says in her piece that 17 states ban abortion after 20 weeks because of “debunked, unscientific claims about when fetuses are capable of feeling pain.” But Pearson gives no evidence for her claim; and in fact, science has increasingly found that preborn babies are capable of feeling pain. As Dr. David Fu-Chi Mark, a molecular biologist, explains:

… until the development of molecular biology and modern molecular biological techniques, ‘most scientific knowledge concerning human identity and human development prior to birth was based solely upon gross morphological observations and biochemical studies… there have been extraordinary scientific, medical and technological advances and discoveries which expose the rather rudimentary level of knowledge and ignorance of science, errors of fact and judgment concerning past scientific understanding of the child’s existence as a human being, the child’s early development and ability to react to the child’s environment and feel pain prior to birth.’

Newer research has suggested that preborn babies may feel pain as early as eight weeks.

Carhart was featured in Live Action’s Inhuman investigation, in which he compared preborn babies to “meat in a slow cooker,” joked about his “abortion toolkit,” admitting that he commits abortions on healthy women and babies. He also blatantly lied about Jennifer Morbelli’s death, saying she died from pregnancy complications, when in fact, he was negligent in the situation. He also killed 19-year-old Christin Gilbert, a young woman with Down syndrome who had been sexually assaulted. Gilbert suffered for days at Carhart’s hands after he botched her abortion badly.

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There are complaints against Carhart dating as far back as 1991. He’s been accused of altering patient charts, falling asleep during a procedure, refusing to follow infection safety protocol, and talking on the phone during a procedure — even going outside in the middle of an abortion to throw rocks at the window. His facilities are said to be kept in disgusting condition, ad he has been found illegally dumping biohazardous waste, and set up his “emergency hotline” to go not to his cell phone, but to his wife’s horse business. His contempt for life isn’t even limited to human lives; the Humane Society removed four horses and two dogs from his property because he treated them so abysmally, with animals left in excrement a foot deep, and so malnourished you could see their bones through their skin.

If Carhart was a legitimate doctor and not an abortionist, no one would defend this man, much less say that he is “thriving.”

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