Notorious late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart injures another patient

abortionist LeRoy Carhart

LeRoy Carhart, a late-term abortionist celebrated in the abortion industry, has injured yet another patient. Carhart has had a number of botched abortions in recent years, bringing into question whether the 75-year-old abortionist should still be practicing his grisly trade.

Operation Rescue reported that an ambulance was dispatched last week to Carhart’s Abortion and Contraception Clinic of Nebraska, located in Bellevue. Emergency dispatch reported that the patient was a 35-year-old woman who had undergone an abortion at 17 weeks. She allegedly suffered excessive bleeding and difficulty breathing; neither Carhart nor a second physician at his facility were able to handle the emergency.

Carhart escorted the woman to the hospital in the ambulance after emergency medical technicians spent 17 minutes inside the clinic tending to her. She was transported to the hospital under a Code 2, which means the patient required an acute but non-time critical transport. While Carhart went with her to the hospital, he does not have admitting privileges, and would not have been allowed to continue treating his victim.

“Only a political climate that is bent on protecting abortionists at any costs has kept a shoddy abortionist like Carhart in business. Corrupt abortion attorneys shield him from the consequences of his actions, which are much more akin to those of Josef Mengele than Albert Schweitzer,” Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said.

According to Operation Rescue, Carhart has killed at least one patient and injured at least 15 in the last five years alone.

Carhart stopped performing abortions at his Maryland clinic late last year, but just weeks after resuming, he sent a patient to the hospital. That makes at least two patients that he has injured in the last two months.

In addition to maiming his patients, Carhart was also subpoenaed to testify before the House Select Panel on Infant Lives, to look into whether he illegally profited off the selling of the body parts aborted babies, as well as to get answers about his misconduct.

Carhart was also featured in Live Action’s Inhuman investigation, where he most notoriously referred to the babies he killed as “meat in a crock pot,” and lied about causing the deaths of his patients, Jennifer Morbelli and Christin Gilbert.

Unfortunately, Carhart was responsible for Morbelli’s death. Carhart had ruptured her uterus, and amniotic fluid spilled into her bloodstream, which made it impossible for her blood to clot. Morbelli suffered for days before she finally died at the hospital, and Carhart couldn’t even be bothered to show up. Christin Gilbert was his other victim, a 19-year-old girl with Down syndrome who had been raped. In the Inhuman video, Carhart denied that Gilbert was even his patient. Carhart tore her uterus, and gave her RU-486, which is not approved for late-term abortions. Gilbert became septic and, like Morbelli, suffered for days, with no assistance from Carhart.

In addition to the numerous women Carhart has butchered, he has multiple allegations of misconduct against him as well. Complaints date as far back as 1991. He has been accused of altering patients’ charts, talking on the phone during procedures, refusing to follow proper infection safety protocol, falling asleep during a procedure, and leaving mid-abortion to go outside and throw rocks at a window. He has been caught illegally dumping biohazardous waste, patient records, and drugs. His clinics are alleged to be kept in disgusting conditions.

All of this is in addition to performing brutal, violent late-term abortions. Carhart has taken countless innocent lives, and butchered women along the way as well. The question is, why have authorities not stepped in? Why is he still being allowed to practice, when he so clearly is a danger to women?

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