Carhart’s emergency abortion hotline sends patients to horse business


After the tragic death of Jennifer Morbelli at LeRoy Carhart’s hands, information about Carhart’s medical care has come under scrutiny. His clinic was found illegally dumping biohazardous waste as well as patient records. It turns out that Carhart has been instructing his patients not to go to the emergency room if they’re having problems.

Now Jill Stanek has uncovered another shocking revelation: one of the numbers that Carhart gives his patients to call if they experience complications doesn’t even go to his office. It goes to his wife’s horse business.



This business is described this way:

For all your horse show needs. — Formed in 1980 by Mary and Lee Carhart, Horse Shows by MARILEE was developed to provide a single source for all your horse show needs. In 2004 we upgraded and replaced all of our rental inventories and now offer all items for rental, lease and purchase.

Ah, yes…because when you’re dying from a botched abortion, your first priority is calling a business to get some equipment for your horse shows! To call this unprofessional is a massive understatement. Yes, the number to the clinic was given to these women, as well as Carhart’s phone number. But as we found with Jennifer Morbelli’s death, Carhart was unavailable. So if it’s after hours and Carhart won’t answer his phone, they’ll turn to the third number they’ve been given…a horse equipment sales number.

This kind of unbelievable negligence can cost someone her life. Yet Carhart continues to be backed and lauded by the abortion industry and its defenders. He still holds a medical license and is free to continue butchering women. How much more evidence of his shocking medical malpractice needs to come out before this monster is stopped from practicing anymore?

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