Built on Sand: Alfred Kinsey hoped his pedophilic ‘research’ would shape sex ed. It did.

This article is part four in a Live Action News series about Alfred Kinsey and the impact of his claims on our culture. Read Part One here, Part Two here, and Part Three here.

WARNING: Content may be inappropriate for younger readers.

Many of “Father of the Sexual Revolution” Alfred Kinsey’s ideas – that children are sexual from birth, that no sexual act should be excluded from our definition of what is normal and acceptable, that masturbation is healthy, that adult-child sex is only problematic if parents or legal authorities “overreact,” that children are capable of consenting to sex – are commonplace in modern sex education. 

Kinsey believed that “In non-inhibited societies… sex perversions” — including “mouth-genital contacts, anal contacts, the homosexual, group activities, relations between individuals of diverse age, and animal intercourse” — are typical, and that they would be more widespread in our society “if there were no traditions to the contrary.[1]

Destroying those ‘contrary traditions’ was a key part of Kinsey’s hidden agenda.


As discussed in part three of this series, Kinsey believed that humans are sexual from birth. Today, we hear this claim being parroted by countless individuals and organizations in the field of sex education. 

This document from the U.S. Department of Education’s Educational Resources Information Center, for example, makes the claim that “Like everyone else, students in special education are sexual beings from birth to death.” A “Sexuality and Life Skills” toolkit for sex educators by Frontline AIDS similarly states that “Sexuality is part of being human, from birth to death,” and that “We are all sexual beings from birth to death[.]” 

Sexuality and Family Life Educators, an organization which describes itself as “A coalition of folks that work in or are interested in sexual health education and related fields” and which “acts as an education resource for parents, schools and the community,” also states: “[A]ll people are sexual beings from birth to death.”

Planned Parenthood, which is responsible for providing or supplementing sex ed in schools across the country, has also made this claim multiple times. On its “Education and Training” page, Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood states: “All people are sexual beings from birth to death.” Late last year, Bill Taverner, executive director of the Center for Sex Education, which is Planned Parenthood of Northern, Central, and Southern New Jersey’s sex education arm, came under fire for making the same claim, and for advocating that children be taught about pornography. 

But he was only repeating the official position of his parent organization, which stated in its pamphlet “Fundamentals of Teaching Sexuality,” that “Sexuality is a central, complex, and lifelong aspect of being human,” and that “Sexuality is a part of life through all the ages and stages. Babies, elders, and everyone in between can experience sexuality.”


The idea that no sexual act is harmful or abnormal was promoted heavily by Kinsey, as has been shown in previous installments in this series. It is also an idea that permeates contemporary sex education.

Planned Parenthood recently brought as part of its “resources” to a 9th-grade class in Canada an explicit deck of cards which depicted an array of sexually explicit information and activities, including many which most people would likely find offensive – and if a student reacted with disgust, the “educator” was directed to tell children, “A lot of people think that’s really hot!” Suggested activities included masturbation, being restrained during sex, bisexuality, sex through a hole in the wall with strangers, and group sex. Other cards discussed ingesting fecal matter and made the claim that semen ‘tastes good.’

Planned Parenthood’s “Get Real” sex ed curriculum promotes oral sex, anal sex, and homosexual activity as being equivalent to abstinence, since they cannot result in pregnancy. And in 2014, Live Action’s undercover investigation SEXED: Planned Parenthood’s Dangerous Sex Advice for Kids exposed the abortion corporation advising children to visit sex shops, consume porn, try BDSM – and hide it all from their parents.

The Planned Parenthood-affiliated group Advocates for Youth (AFY) is responsible for the sex education programs in over 100 school districts across the nation, reaching over 2.5 million American children. Their animated video-based sex ed websites, AMAZE and AMAZE Jr., promote and encourage sexual activities of all kinds for children as young as four years old, including sexual activities with adults, the use of pornography, and masturbation – which it claims is normal and cannot be done too frequently.

Masturbation is indeed being widely promoted in sex ed. Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe advises that children be taught about masturbation beginning at birth. A Planned Parenthood-sponsored group targeting children as young as 12 recently promoted the month of May as “National Masturbation Month,” and advised children that masturbation is normal and beneficial. 

The Ottawa County Department of Public Health in Michigan recently received criticism for promoting a sex guide which advised parents to “reinforce that masturbation is natural and healthy” to their children beginning at age 9. 

A school in British Columbia gave a homework assignment to kindergarteners last year which advised kids to come up with “private places” in their homes where they could engage in masturbation. And California’s sex ed curriculum advises teachers to discuss masturbation with middle-schoolers.


The idea that children can consent to sex is deeply embedded in Kinsey’s so-called ‘research,’ as was evidenced in part three of this series. Children and teens, however, lack the brain development required for objective, high-level reasoning, and are therefore not biologically or legally capable of consenting to sex.

This hasn’t stopped sex educators from promoting the idea that kids can consent, however.

On its “How Planned Parenthood Teaches Sex Education” web page, the abortion corporation states that “consent” is a key focus of its programs. The previously-mentioned AFY sex ed curriculum, too, emphasizes consent. AFY’s AMAZE animated sex-ed website directly encourages sex to kids, provided that “both [people] consent and there is good communication about protection.”

It overtly states that children are capable of giving consent, and even capable of consenting to sex with adults  — the video “Understanding Sexual Consent and the Law,” states that if a minor has sex with an adult, the adult could be charged with statutory rape, “even if the younger person consented to sexual contact.”


According to biographer Jones, Kinsey “spent his every waking hour attempting to change the sexual mores” of the United States, and, one might argue, the world as a whole.[2] He “placed his hopes on sex education” as a means of achieving this goal.[3] Observing the current state of sex ed in this country and beyond, one might well conclude that Kinsey’s vision is being fully implemented.

This is despite the fact that Kinsey’s research can hardly be deemed truly scientific. Replication – a cornerstone of the scientific method – has never even been attempted with regard to Kinsey’s work, and, given the child abuse at the foundation of his so-called ‘research,’ we should earnestly hope that such an endeavor is never undertaken.

The whole of Kinsey’s work in the field of sexual behavior is, in fact, a house built on sand – it lacks a solid foundation in fact, and is structurally designed for the sole purpose of promoting a lewd and decadent agenda. Judging by the current state of education and our culture, it appears his agenda may very well triumph.

1 – James H. Jones, Alfred C. Kinsey: A Life, W.W. Norton & Company, New York, 1997, p. 619.
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