Help Keep Abortion Out of Prince Edward Island – Act Now!

Canada’s “ACTIVE-8” Campaign has the motto “I can make a difference“. In the last 2 years, the organization has brought together 16 young Atlantic Canadians who are an “inspiration for all of us who dream of a better world.” Together, these 16 ambassadors have contributed 5,433 acts toward the common good.

Right now, these ambassadors are competing for a $1,000 scholarship by rallying people to “pledge” for them. Each candidate has chosen a platform to run on by selecting an issue they feel strongly about, and will use the award toward.

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Should Men Be Silent in the Fight for Life?

I often hear pro-choicers talk about this topic. I recently found this post, and knew it was a wonderful opportunity to write about men and abortion.

Pro-choicers often say that men shouldn’t have input in abortion decisions because it’s solely a woman’s issue. The author of that post even went on to say she wanted to “silence all the male voices in the abortion discussion.” Pro-choicers say the decision should be left up to the woman – it’s her body after all, right? They say that most pro-lifers are men who are trying to control women’s bodies. Apparently, since men can’t give birth to babies, they don’t have any business in what happens to their own children. I beg to differ. Men have every right in the world to have a say in what happens to their children.

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Numbers Don’t Lie…But Planned Parenthood Does

Most people have heard about the lies Planned Parenthood spews into society, which just keep on coming. PP is up in arms about the HHS mandate, and to try to improve their reputation, they’re twisting poll statistics and trying to make it look like America is on their side.

Recently, PP posted this link on their Facebook page, and commented on it saying:

” 67% of Americans oppose the Blunt Amendment, believing employers should not be able to deny health coverage for employees based on their own personal beliefs.”

Okaaay. That’s not too weird sounding, but 67%? Sounds a little fishy, huh? I haven’t been hearing statistics similar to this, and for a good reason. This number does not truthfully represent the context PP was using it in! Whoa. Is Planned Parenthood lying?!?!?! Well, they sure are twisting things a lot.

Remember it was just a week ago that CNN found a very different result showing that the public was against the Obama HHS mandate 50% to 44%.

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