FACT CHECK: Planned Parenthood claims investigations have ‘absolutely not’ uncovered wrongdoing

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When Planned Parenthood’s President, Cecile Richards, testified during a congressional hearing earlier this week, she was directly asked: “Has any one of those stings [referring mainly to the Live Action stings] uncovered wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood?”

Her answer?

“Absolutely not.”

Yet these investigations have examined the truth behind Planned Parenthood’s business practices on a number of disturbing topics – including sex trafficking, failure to report rape, and deceptive medical information – all things Richards apparently doesn’t consider “wrongdoing.”

Here are some of those practices Richards considers “absolutely not” wrongdoing:

Together, these investigations have collected a massive amount of evidence exposing what most Americans find at the very least morally questionable, if not wholly unethical and plain out wrong. Many of the actions committed by Planned Parenthood have also been patently illegal.

But Richards stands behind Planned Parenthood no matter what.

What Richards also failed to mention is that several of Planned Parenthood’s staff members shown in these investigations have been fired. This happened in 2011 and 2012 – at least three separate times.

Firing employees seems to be an unlikely solution for behavior that is “absolutely not” wrong or problematic, and gives us all reason to believe there are still deeper truths – and more wrongdoing – to be brought to the light.

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