Reporter to Jen Psaki: How can abortion advance ‘equity’ when it disproportionately kills minority children?


In May of 2018, the Trump administration instituted a controversial rule change which required any entity receiving Title X family planning funding to separate its abortion-related services from family planning services both fiscally and physically. Planned Parenthood chose to walk away from the program instead, giving up approximately $60 million in funding. This week, the Biden-Harris administration released its proposed change to the rule (with a time for comments to be filed regarding the rule change), which would rescind all pro-life changes made by the Trump administration.

In reference to this, EWTN’s Owen Jensen questioned White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about the Biden administration’s efforts on multiple fronts (including Title X and the Hyde Amendment) to force taxpayers to fund abortion, asking, ”Why does the Biden Administration insist that pro-life Americans pay for abortions and violate their conscience?”

Psaki attempted to deflect, quoting the Public Health Service Act, to which Title X is an amendment, which states: “None of the funds appropriated under this title shall be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning.” 

Jensen, however, countered by pointing out something Live Action News has noted before — “Indirect subsidies – money is fungible and can’t be traced — we know that, come on.” 

Given the Biden administration’s immediate actions taken toward dismantling every pro-life protection and safeguard from federal programs, including the federal Hyde Amendment — which has for decades banned federal taxpayer funds from paying for most abortions — it is not far-fetched to believe that the administration fully intends to force taxpayers to fund even more abortions. If funding abortions weren’t a priority, why the mad dash to demolish the restrictions against it? 

Psaki’s next claim was perhaps less believable than the first: “The reason why the president took these steps is because he believes that advancing equity for all, including people of color… can be helped by these actions…”

Again, Jensen did not allow the claim to pass unquestioned: “You talk about equity, if I may interrupt, how is it equity, how is it fighting systemic racism, when abortion, we well know, disproportionately affects minority children?” In clearer terms, Jensen is asking how promoting the killing of minority preborn children is helping to advance “equity” — and he’s really already answered the question: it doesn’t.

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How could expanding funding for Planned Parenthood — an organization steeped in eugenics and racism which kills hundreds of Black children per day and which employees claim is still operating with a racist, white supremacist mindset — possibly be considered a move toward “advancing equity”? Generally, targeting a particular group for annihilation is not considered an effective method of promoting their equality. 

But logical explanations emanating from the Biden camp have been lacking as it spouts the language of “equity” while simultaneously working overtime to dismantle the Hyde Amendment, a provision which mainly protects poor and minority children from abortion. Biden appears to be continuing to work at expanding abortion to reward his political backers, despite the fact that it the American people do not agree with him.

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