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These everyday pro-life heroes saved the lives of preborn babies

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Every day, countless women are pressured to choose between themselves and their babies because of their personal situation — whether that’s their age, their financial standing, their health, or the circumstances of their baby’s conception. Thankfully, many women stand up for the lives of their babies. But in some cases, others fought for life on their behalf.

She chose her baby over her leg

After a horrific motorcycle accident, Caitlin Conner learned in the hospital that she was four weeks pregnant. The newlywed had been married to her husband Jaylon for just two months, and they were already facing a difficult situation. Caitlin’s foot had been partially severed in the accident. She could undergo surgery to try to save her leg, which would put her baby at risk, or she could have her leg amputated just below the knee to reduce the risks to her daughter. She chose to amputate her leg, and limited her pain medication.

“I didn’t have time to worry about how I felt,” she told KHOU. “I needed to focus on her.”

Since her leg was amputated and her healthy daughter was born, Caitline has competed in triathlons, relays, and marathons, and also became the world’s first female amputee boxer. She founded a non-profit, Be More Adaptive, to help other amputees.

“As soon as I learned I was pregnant, I had someone else to take care of, so I didn’t focus on myself,” she told Metro. “Everything was about the baby. My leg didn’t define me as a person, but the baby would.”

Abortion wouldn’t erase the rape

Paula Peyton was raped at gunpoint by two men, and after surviving that trauma, a member of the clergy at her church pressured her to take the morning-after pill. She refused, because she knew that Plan B could stop a newly fertilized human being from implanting in the womb, ending his or her life. When she found out she was pregnant, the people around her said her baby was “a permanent reminder of the rape,” and “not even a person.” But Paula was happy.

“God gave the pain I endured a purpose,” she said. “He gave me a reason to live. He gave me the greatest gift of love and joy I could ever imagine — the opportunity to be a mother to a perfect baby boy.”

Paula had been conceived in rape herself, and she knew that her son was not her rapist. As her pregnancy progressed, people encouraged her to abort. Paula remained strong in her decision to parent her son, and has no regrets. She says her son is her “greatest blessing.”

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Chemotherapy could have saved her, but would have hurt her baby

Ashley Bridges was diagnosed with bone cancer at about the same time that she learned she was 10 weeks pregnant. It had gone undiagnosed for a year, as doctors originally believed her knee pain was caused by arthritis. Doctors said she needed to begin chemotherapy as soon as possible, but also warned her that her baby could be harmed by it.


“They told me what would likely happen to Paisley, that you know, she most likely wouldn’t make it and I just knew. It wasn’t the choice for me,” Ashley told CNN. “It was like this is what needs to be done. She’s first. I’m not going to kill a healthy baby because I’m sick. There’s nothing wrong with her. Her life is just as important as mine, if not more important. I mean, as a mother, my job is to protect my kids.”

Ashley delayed treatment until after her baby girl was born, and began treatment shortly after. The cancer, however, had spread, and Ashley was given just months to live. She fought to survive until Paisley’s first birthday, but sadly, passed away just a month prior. The legacy she said she wanted to leave was one of love for her children, and she definitely succeeded in that.

She took the abortion pill and her boyfriend found help

Ivette and her boyfriend went to the abortion facility, and she took the first dose of the abortion pill regimen. They already had a young daughter at home, and didn’t think they could financially handle another. But they instantly regretted that decision.

As they drove home, she was crying, asking her boyfriend why he convinced her to have an abortion, and saying that she hated him. He pulled the car over and told her she was right. Then he grabbed his phone and searched for a way to save their baby.

He found Abortion Pill Rescue, a 24/7 helpline (877-558-0333) with access to over 800 medical professionals who offer Abortion Pill Reversal. Though Ivette had doubts that it would work, the next day they were able to drive 45 minutes to a pro-life clinic where they found peace and hope. That same day, the abortion business called to remind her to take the rest of the abortion pill regimen, or they claimed her baby would be born with birth defects.

Despite the heavy bleeding she was suffering, she underwent progesterone shots for two weeks before returning to the doctor to find that her baby was still alive.

“And there it was on the screen, a little flickering,” she said. “We couldn’t believe it. I looked over at my boyfriend as he smiled and said, ‘We did the right thing.'” A few months later, they welcomed their healthy baby boy.

When a preborn baby’s life is on the line, sometimes all it takes is one person — the baby’s mother, the baby’s father, or even a stranger — to step up and say yes to life. Even in the direst circumstances, choosing life is always the best choice.

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