Why LeRoy Carhart needs to be investigated

abortionist LeRoy Carhart

Late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart may finally have to answer for his many crimes. The House Select Panel on Infant Lives has subpoenaed Carhart to answer questions about his misconduct, and has also issued subpoenas to his abortion facility itself, along with medical providers who are familiar with Carhart. He is supposed to personally appear for a deposition on June 13.

LeRoy Carhart is one of the country’s most notorious abortionists, and not just because he performs late-term abortions. His history is filled with injured women – some of whom have died, health violations, gross negligence, and horrifying statements that show how cavalierly he views life.

Carhart was featured in Live Action’s Inhuman investigation, which exposed that there are Gosnells all over the country. In the undercover video, Carhart compared preborn babies to “meat in a slow cooker,” joked about his “abortion toolkit,” and admitted that he would perform abortions on healthy women and babies.


Notably, Carhart did admit that one of his patients died… but he claimed it was due to complications from her pregnancy, and not the late-term abortion he performed on her. This was a blatant lie.

Jennifer Morbelli, one of Carhart's victims

Jennifer Morbelli (left), one of Carhart’s victims

Jennifer Morbelli, the patient in question, had a late-term abortion after discovering that her preborn baby, named Madison, had a fetal anomaly that caused seizures. After Carhart delivered a lethal injection into Madison’s heart, Morbelli and her family left. They returned the next day to begin the process of dilating Morbelli’s cervix so she could deliver Madison’s body over the course of the next two days. When she returned on Tuesday, she looked visibly weaker; by Wednesday, she was ashen and lethargic. Nine hours later, she delivered the body of her baby girl. By Thursday, Morbelli was experiencing chest pains, but they could not get in touch with Carhart. Morbelli ended up being driven to the hospital by her family, where hospital staff tried to get in touch with Carhart to get information about her abortion, but Carhart didn’t give any assistance. Morbelli had suffered a ruptured uterus, and amniotic fluid then spilled into her bloodstream, making it impossible for her blood to clot. Carhart didn’t even get to the hospital before she died.

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Tragically, Jennifer Morbelli isn’t the only woman Carhart has killed. Christin Gilbert, a 19-year-old woman with Down syndrome, also died at Carhart’s hands. In 2004, Gilbert was sexually assaulted and became pregnant. She was taken to George Tiller’s abortion clinic in Kansas, where Carhart was employed. In the Inhuman video, Carhart denied that she was even his patient, but this was again a lie. Like Morbelli, Gilbert’s baby was given a fatal injection into the heart, and then Carhart inserted laminaria into her cervix to begin the dilation process. Gilbert and her family were sent to a hotel to await the delivery of her dead baby, which happened in the family van on the way back to the clinic. Carhart nevertheless performed a D&C on Gilbert, tearing her uterus. He then gave Gilbert RU-486, which is not approved for late-term abortions, and sent the family back to their hotel room. Things went downhill quickly, with Gilbert becoming septic within 24 hours. The staff at the clinic simply gave her fluids though, and sent the family away again. That evening, Gilbert’s condition deteriorated even more, as she began vomiting, fainting, and bleeding. A clinic staffer showed up at the hotel room, placed Gilbert into a warm bath, and then left. Carhart never showed. The next morning, Gilbert fainted and couldn’t be revived. She awoke at the clinic, but fainted again; when staffers called 911, they refused to tell EMS personnel any details about her condition and put them on hold for almost a minute while Gilbert was unresponsive so they could talk to Carhart about how best to manage the situation. Carhart was on top of Gilbert, trying to force fluids from her stomach, when paramedics arrived. She was lying in “huge amounts” of blood and fluid. At the hospital, she was found to have been bleeding out of every single orifice. She suffered for days at Carhart’s hands.

Countless other women have been butchered at Carhart’s hands, although they were fortunate to escape with their lives. He’s injured a large number of women this year alone. In April, he sent two women to the hospital in just five days; in March, an underage girl was taken to the hospital after a botched abortion. He also sent women to the hospital in January and February. Those are just the women who have been injured by Carhart this year; there are many more.

Yet somehow, Carhart has escaped discipline and is still allowed to practice.


In addition to his history of butchering women, there are complaints against him dating as far back as 1991. He was accused of altering patients charts, talking on the phone during procedures, refusing to follow proper infection safety protocol, and even fell asleep during a procedure. Oddly, he once left the operating room during a procedure to go outside and throw rocks at the window. He’s also accused of keeping his clinics in disgusting conditions, with blood on surgical instruments, and with illegal drug use taking place among his employees. He was also caught illegally dumping biohazardous waste, along with patient records and drugs.

One of the strangest things discovered about Carhart, though, is how difficult he makes it for his patients to get in touch with him. In fact, his “emergency hotline” number actually goes to his wife’s horse business. Patients are given the number to the clinic, Carhart’s cell number, and then the “emergency hotline” number… which is a horse equipment sales business. So as with Morbelli and Gilbert, when patients are in severe distress and need assistance right away, chances are, Carhart can’t be relied upon to respond.

On top of an utter lack of compassion for human life, Carhart is apparently cavalier towards animals, as well; he had four horses and two dogs removed from his property by the Humane Society because they were neglected so severely that investigators worried that death was imminent. The animals’ were so malnourished that you could see their bones through their skin, and they were kept in a barn that had mud and excrement a foot deep.

LeRoy Carhart is a monstrous abortionist with no respect for life whatsoever. Not only does he have a total disregard for the safety of women and children, his attitude is horrifically callous and uncaring. He will butcher women over and over and over again unless he is stopped. Will Congress finally stop him? For the sake of innocent women and children, we can only hope that they will.

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