Comparison Fail: “Reason” Writer Decries Ultrasound Laws as Condescending Paternalism

In the comments section of my post on abortion and libertarianism, reader Brooke Mehr asked about the ramifications of the idea that “government should stay out of the abortion issue”:

[W]ould that mean that the government shouldn’t even regulate abortion if it is legal? No health and safety inspections of abortion facilities. No limits on how late a woman can have an abortion. No laws that say that the “doctors” need to help a baby that survives an abortion or help a woman who is suffering from a botched abortion at their hands. So many problems with this.

As if on cue, Reason Magazine’s A. Barton Hinkle wrote a piece suggesting precisely that, by attacking the concept of ultrasound requirements. Hinkle says it’s inconsistent for politicians like Virginia state delegate Mark Cole to trust people to make informed decisions about concealed firearm carry, but not abortion:

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Baby “Tebows” in the Womb

As a native of Colorado, I have recently come to understand the mass-hysteria that is Tebow-mania. Residents of Bronco country are coming to recognize what Floridians have known for a long time: Tebow is not just an especially talented athlete, he’s also a role model.

Tebow has made his pro-life sentiments clear and is unashamed of his Christian faith. As made known in a 2010 Super Bowl commercial, Pam Tebow refused to have an abortion during her pregnancy with Tim and asked God for help through the delivery process.

Unless you’ve been in a coma for the past few months, you probably know that his habit of taking a knee during football games has led to the international sensation of “Tebowing.” Thousands upon thousands of people have imitated Tebow’s prayerful posture.

Now, one small Bronco fan appears to have joined the trend. A 4D ultrasound reveals a Colorado family’s unborn baby apparently “Tebowing” in the womb.

Notice that repeatedly through the broadcast, the newscasters and reporters refer to “Champ” as a baby rather than a fetus or a clump of human tissue. The ultrasound clearly shows what abortion proponents so often deny: that this is a living human being who dreams, sucks his thumb, plays with his toes — and yes, Tebows.

AUL’s Charmaine Yoest Debates NARAL over Texas Ultrasound Law

Charmaine Yoest of AUL

Yesterday afternoon, Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life took on NARAL’s president Nancy Keenan in a debate regarding the recently upheld Ultrasound Law in Texas on Fox News.

Ultimately, Keenan’s only argument against such a law is it “forces a woman to have an ultrasound against her will” and that a woman should only be given an ultrasound if she requests one, or her doctor recommends one.  “This is a decision that belongs with a woman, her doctor, her family and her God.  Not, not politicians in Texas,” she lamented.

The funny thing is, if Keenan’s beef is with “forcing” women to obtain ultrasounds, perhaps she should be going after rules already established by the abortion industry!  According to Abby Johnson, former director of a Planned Parenthood abortion-performing facility in Bryan, Texas, “Ultrasounds are REQUIRED to be performed before an abortion. By who? The abortion industry!! Ultrasound laws don’t require anything that isn’t already being done… except these laws help women obtain TRUE informed consent.” (Emphasis Abby’s).

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BBC Article Questions Mothers Who Celebrate Ultrasound Images of Their Unborn Children

The BBC, a widely respected news organization, recently featured a ridiculous article by Professor Cathy Warwick of the Royal College of Midwives.  Now, the topic of the article…a growing trend of people celebrating ultrasound pictures of their new baby…is not ridiculous at all.  What’s ridiculous is the schizophrenia and lack of intellectual honesty that presents itself throughout.

Specifically, this article addresses “’foetus parties’, where people gather to view 3D and 4D scan pictures” of their baby.  Apparently, at least in the UK, more and more parents are hosting these parties with their friends and family.  In my opinion, this is actually a really cool idea!  It’s a modern way to celebrate and anticipate the coming birth of a precious child.  It serves to personalize and further “humanize” the child in the womb by showing what he or she actually looks like.  We have all heard how ultrasound pictures continue to open many eyes to the truth.

But this is precisely why Professor Warwick seems to have a problem.  My guess is she doesn’t like the truth these pictures portray.  Not one bit.  (Why else would you object to a proud, excited parent showing off pictures of their baby?  Who objects to pictures of a newborn, a six month old, a one year old?  That’s what I thought…no one.)  For anyone who plans on commenting to tell me that that the Professor really just doesn’t want mothers to get their hopes up in case their baby dies before being born, that’s a plain bad argument to make against ultrasound pictures.  Should mothers equally avoid taking and showing pictures of their child until they reach the age of two since the death rate from serious diseases is much higher until that age?  I didn’t think so.

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Obama Appointee Blocks Ultrasound Law in North Carolina

U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles, nominated in March of last year by President Barack Obama, has blocked (.pdf) certain provisions of North Carolina’s informed consent law, the Woman’s Right to Know Act. Specifically, Eagles blocked provisions that would have required abortion practitioners or their trained technicians to perform an ultrasound on women seeking abortion in their facilities, allow women to view the screen to see the ultrasound image, and provide an explanation of what they see on the screen. Eagles ruled that these requirements are in violation of the abortion practitioners’ freedom of speech.

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Mandatory Heartbeat Bills: Excessive or Essential?

Abortion advocates like Planned Parenthood are all about empowering women to make “informed and responsible choices” about serious medical procedures, right?

Mandatory heartbeat laws do precisely that: they require abortionists to offer their patients the chance to listen to their unborn babies’ heartbeats before deciding to go through with an abortion. Just information: no regulations, no restrictions, no penalties.

Granted, the significance of hearing an unborn baby’s heartbeat makes it obvious why the “choice” movement can’t just stand by idly as these laws sweep the nation, but it’s still hard to fathom how they can rationalize opposition. At women’s health & lifestyle website Blisstree, Elizabeth Nolan Brown gives it a try: Read more Mandatory Heartbeat Bills: Excessive or Essential?

Pro-Life Success Story: “You saved my baby today!”

This comes via 40 Days for Life:

“Thank you,” said the e-mail message one of the Charlotte coordinators received. “You saved my baby today!”

A young woman arriving for an appointment noticed the 40 Days for Life signs in front of the abortion center, but she didn’t really pay much attention.

That wouldn’t come until later. At this point, she had other things on her mind.

For one thing, the child’s father had to stay in the abortion center’s waiting room, and she didn’t care for that policy. “They don’t let your family or friends be part of this,” she said, which “should be a creepy tip-off.”

Next, the staff told her the cost of the abortion would be double the amount they had mentioned on the phone.

But then, something happened. “I saw my baby on the ultrasound,” she said, “and that changed the whole world. I stormed out.”

On her way back through the waiting room on her way out the door, “I told the girls there is still time and I will have them in my prayers.”

On leaving the building, she saw the 40 Days for Life signs again. She went home, Googled the name, found the Charlotte campaign’s Facebook page — and wrote to the local coordinators.

The local team connected her with pro-life prenatal resources. They report the young woman is very happy — her child is safe from abortion — and they will continue to help her.

Read some of the other great things happening thanks to 40 Days for Life here.