Abortion Funding Muddies the Waters of DC Budget Controversy

Because it is the nation’s capital, the District of Columbia works a little differently from most localities.

For starters, its budgets are subject to review by the United States Congress. The legislative branch of the federal government is currently considering whether or not to give DC greater control over its own budget, but the specter of abortion is complicating the decision.  The Huffington Post states:

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which oversees D.C. affairs, expressed his commitment late last year to giving budget autonomy to the District to help city government avoid a shutdown whenever Congress appears unable to pass a spending bill.

D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), Mayor Vincent Gray and others welcomed the proposal but reluctantly rejected the plan Issa unveiled in November because it contained a provision barring local funding for abortions — a move Issa said was necessary to win Republican votes. Read more Abortion Funding Muddies the Waters of DC Budget Controversy

How the United Nations Betrays Its Own Treaty on Child Rights

Over 20 years ago, the United Nations held the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  The purpose of this convention was to outline the universal rights of children throughout the world.  With the new human rights treaty, UNICEF and others could put social pressure on nations to conform their standards with the accepted rights of children.

Towards this end, the Convention decided that any human being under the age of eighteen would be considered a child, typically.  Yet the U.N. continually betrays its own standards when it pushes abortion throughout the world.  Take, for example, Article 6, which states that children have the right to survive and develop to the fullest.

The U.N. betrays the very children it claims to protect.

Hmmm…and here I thought that unborn children were indeed human beings under the age of eighteen.  Remember, it’s the U.N. that made the definition of child include human being rather than person, so you can’t argue a lack of personhood here.  By the U.N.’s own standard, unborn children have the right to survive and develop to the fullest.

Article 20 states that children have the right to a loving and caring family, and Article 5 says that every child has a right to a family.   This, of course, is why abortion is such a better option than adoption, right, U.N.?  Because there are no families out there who would give ANYTHING IN THE WORLD to adopt a baby and love him or her with all their hearts, right?  Read more How the United Nations Betrays Its Own Treaty on Child Rights

Missouri School District Silences Pro-Life Students


The Alliance Defense Fund has filed a suit against the Missouri Dixon R-1 School District on behalf of a student who says she was unfairly censored for promoting the annual Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity.

While Dixon High School has typically been known to foster student involvement by allowing the promotion of events and causes, last October they decided to deny the female student’s request to post flyers encouraging her fellow students to give up their voices for the unborn.

Such promotions have been previously allowed, and follow district policy that states: “student expression regarding a variety of topics may be beneficial to the District’s educational mission,” including “discussion and debate regarding serious issues.” In recent years, this policy has been used to justify posters with political and anti-drug messages, posters and announcements promoting the Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network’s Day of Silence, even photos of students edited to look like bloody zombies. Read more Missouri School District Silences Pro-Life Students

New Report on Murder of Pregnant Women Reveals Why Misogynists Love Abortion

Just as pro-aborts are redoubling their efforts to persuade America that the champions of “choice” are vital to women’s independence and well being, a new report emerges suggesting just the opposite. The report, just published by Life Dynamics, compiles eighty known cases of women who were murdered because they refused to have an abortion:

One such example is Valicia Demery. When Bernard Bellamy Jr. learned she was pregnant he ordered her to have an abortion. When she refused, Bellamy ran her over with his car and left her to die. The night before the murder Bellamy sent Demery a text message telling her to come to her senses before it’s too late. When asked, “B4 what’s too late?” he replied, “ U will C.” Read more New Report on Murder of Pregnant Women Reveals Why Misogynists Love Abortion

RH Reality Check’s Strangest Pro-Abortion Tirade Yet

Photo courtesy zombietime.com

Because it’s impossible for pro-aborts to claim the moral high ground when debating abortion on the procedure’s merits, it’s more common for them to shift the conversation to different criteria that superficially cast pro-lifers in a less sympathetic light.

This weekend, RH Reality Check published an article by Ann Rose, a diarist at the rabidly left-wing Daily Kos, which purports to explain that pro-lifers aren’t interested in saving babies at all; we just want to dominate women’s sex lives:

[A]n anti-abortion right-wing Republican gets pregnant and doesn’t want to be, she has a “good reason” for not wanting to be pregnant and get an abortion.  You see, her reason is different and more justifiable than the pathetic excuses of all those sluts in the waiting room at the abortion clinic.  All those sluts are getting an abortion for “convenience” and “selfishness” and maybe even “punishment” for being a slut. Read more RH Reality Check’s Strangest Pro-Abortion Tirade Yet

Comparison Fail: “Reason” Writer Decries Ultrasound Laws as Condescending Paternalism

In the comments section of my post on abortion and libertarianism, reader Brooke Mehr asked about the ramifications of the idea that “government should stay out of the abortion issue”:

[W]ould that mean that the government shouldn’t even regulate abortion if it is legal? No health and safety inspections of abortion facilities. No limits on how late a woman can have an abortion. No laws that say that the “doctors” need to help a baby that survives an abortion or help a woman who is suffering from a botched abortion at their hands. So many problems with this.

As if on cue, Reason Magazine’s A. Barton Hinkle wrote a piece suggesting precisely that, by attacking the concept of ultrasound requirements. Hinkle says it’s inconsistent for politicians like Virginia state delegate Mark Cole to trust people to make informed decisions about concealed firearm carry, but not abortion:

Read more Comparison Fail: “Reason” Writer Decries Ultrasound Laws as Condescending Paternalism

Libertarianism: Pro-Life Philosophy, Pro-Abortion Movement

When abortion is placed in the broader context of American politics, the battle lines are pretty straightforward: conservatives are generally pro-life, and liberals are mostly pro-choice. But what about libertarians? A philosophy about maximizing personal liberty by minimizing government activity, libertarianism is sometimes seen as a mishmash of economic conservatism and social liberalism.

To mark the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, leading libertarian magazine Reason has posted a small yet diverse sampling of competing libertarian perspectives on abortion, concluding with a short video in which Reason editors Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie ask, “what’s the libertarian position on abortion?” Read more Libertarianism: Pro-Life Philosophy, Pro-Abortion Movement

Pro-Aborts Exploit Arson to Fan the Flames of Slander

From left-wing ThinkProgress:

Police in Alabama arrested a man accused of setting fire to and destroying an abortion clinic in Florida on New Year’s Day. Bobby Joe Rogers was charged with violating federal explosives laws and could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. The clinic, in Florida’s Panhandle, has been a frequent target of anti-abortion violence: It was bombed on Christmas Day in 1984 and was the location of a shooting in 1994 that left a doctor and a volunteer dead.

At least one pro-abort has rushed to trash the pro-life movement with this crime, and more are sure to follow: Maureen at Feminists for Choice claims “clinic violence is unfortunately an increasingly used tactic by anti-choice extremists.” Read more Pro-Aborts Exploit Arson to Fan the Flames of Slander

The Hubris of Pope Pelosi

The Washington Post’s Melinda Henneberger recently had a chat with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), in which the far-left politician reiterated her fierce condemnation of Republican efforts to strengthen conscience protections for healthcare providers:

In retrospect, does she think that assessment went too far? Not at all, she said: “They would” let women die on the floor, she said. “They would! Again, whatever their intention is, this is the effect.’’

Catholic health-care providers in particular have long said they’d have to go out of business without the conscience protections that Pelosi says amount to letting hospitals “say to a woman, ‘I’m sorry you could die’ if you don’t get an abortion.” Those who dispute that characterization “may not like the language,’’ she said, “but the truth is what I said. I’m a devout Catholic and I honor my faith and love it ... but they have this conscience thing’’ that she insists put women at physical risk, although Catholic providers strongly disagree. Read more The Hubris of Pope Pelosi

Pro-Abortion Propaganda

I have been hearing a lot from the pro-abortion movement lately about how pro-life “slacktivists” aren’t doing anything but waging a “war on women” by “elevating clumps of 32 cells above the level of a living, breathing, thinking human woman.” Obviously, I know (now) those misguided, ill-informed pro-abortion folks couldn’t be more wrong, but it reminds me too much of what I was like when I was one of them.

At the abortion clinic where I worked, I readily believed all of the misinformation fed to me about the “antis” holding those gory signs outside. I was told that pro-lifers cared nothing about women or families or children—only babies, and only unborn babies at that. I was told story after story about how this pro-life group or that crisis pregnancy center lied to women to “trick” them into staying pregnant and then would abandon them after the growing baby was beyond the legal limit for abortion. The most vivid (tall) tale I remember was of some unnamed group who extended financial assistance, prenatal care, and even drove a young mother to the hospital while she was in labor only to drop off a box of diapers the next day and refuse to return her calls after that. Or the rumor of the CPC counselor who showed a terrified teenager her pregnancy test stick with the two tell-tale blue lines indicating a positive (pregnant) result and explaining that the two lines meant she was pregnant with twins.

This is pro-abortion propaganda.

Read more Pro-Abortion Propaganda

Planned Parenthood in NH Stops Giving Birth Control–But Not Abortions

I hope everyone notices the irony in the news today. Because Planned Parenthood has been defunded $1.8 million in New Hampshire, they are halting their provision of birth control and potentially pelvic exams:

Planned Parenthood has stopped providing birth control pills and other contraception in New Hampshire after the state’s executive council rejected up to $1.8 million in funding for the group, which also provides privately-funded abortions.

The move is expected to affect an average of 120 low-income women each day. Other services provided by Planned Parenthood, including pelvic exams, were also in peril.

“Patients who used to be able to come to us for their pills now have to walk away,” said Jennifer Frizzell, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England.

But apparently, those patients who want to have abortions are still able to be served at 3 of Planned Parenthood’s 6 centers in New Hampshire. Why does Planned Parenthood cut contraception and cancer screenings first? Answer: because it’s been all about abortion all along.