Young boy declared brain-dead given a second chance

The parents of two-year-old Israel Stinson have found a new hospital willing to care for their son and keep him on life support. He has been transferred to a facility outside of the United States.

Israel has been on life support for over a month after an asthma attack sent him to the ER, and he later went into cardiac arrest. Doctors declared him brain-dead and he was transferred to Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center. Doctors there agreed that Israel was brain-dead and told his parents, Jonee Fonseca and Nate Stinson, they would be taking him off of life support.

After filing a petition in court to force the hospital to give Israel more time to heal, the judge ruled that life support would be extended by one week, giving Israel’s parents just seven more days to find him a long-term care facility.

“If Kaiser is wrong and Israel is not brain dead, then disconnecting life support on Friday at the close of business will be an error that is irrevocable,” Fonseca’s attorneys wrote in their appeal.

The family searched for a new facility in the United State, but not one of them would take Israel. So the parents decided to look outside of the US.

According to a news release from Life Legal Defense Foundation, a neurologist and pediatric specialist at the new hospital have examined Israel and concluded that he does not meet the criteria necessary to be considered brain-dead.

“After 6 weeks without any nutrition except sugar, Israel is finally receiving the nutrients (protein, fat, and vitamins) he needs,” reads the statement. “He is also getting a comprehensive treatment protocol for severely brain injured patients.”

His new doctors have vowed to do everything they can to give Israel a chance.

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