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Woman who took abortion pill: I was ‘weeping and screaming’ because I saw my baby

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The book, “Shockwaves: Abortions Wider Circle of Victims,” details the stories of people hurt by abortion, including that of a woman named Salome who shared her own horrific experience with the abortion pill.

Many pro-choice organizations claim that having an abortion by pill is just like having a regular monthly period. In fact, Teen Vogue, a magazine aimed at impressionable teenagers, said taking the abortion pill is “like having a period.… While it may cause cramps and bleeding similar to your typical period, it’s a safe, simple, and noninvasive way to provide reproductive care.”

But women who have taken the abortion pill continue to share the truth. Salome wrote about what happened when she took the second pill (misoprostol) in the abortion pill regimen:

It took about 30 minutes for the cramps and bleeding to start. I remember thinking, “Okay, so this should be over in an hour or so.” But it wasn’t. During that time, I felt like my inside was being torn and sliced to pieces. I had blood all over my legs and went in the tub to wash them.

The cramps got so bad I couldn’t even move. I couldn’t even cry. It was worse than anything I’ve ever seen on TV. All the labor and contractions they show were nothing compared to this. I couldn’t get to my phone to dial 911 and go to the emergency room. I lay there for hours thinking, “I deserve this; I brought this on myself.”

The ordeal went on and on, and Salome began to vomit. Even though she was not religious, she began to pray. “Right before the fetus came out, I started vomiting everything I had in my system since that morning,” she explained. “Then I bled some more and hurt some more. I started praying curled up in blood in the tub, for the first time in years. I don’t remember the last time I prayed before this happened.”



Needless to say, this ordeal was nothing like “having a period.” But the worst was yet to come. As the abortion progressed, Salome saw her baby. She explained:

After hours of hurting, I finally felt a huge physical relief, and the pain was immediately gone. I managed to get up. When I turned around, I saw the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen [in] my entire life. I saw my child.

It was at that moment that it finally sunk in properly. I really had been pregnant. I had been carrying the life I created inside of me until that very moment.

Looking at the body of her child, Salome felt instant regret, as she explained:

Right after that, I cried and cried for hours. I put my child in a little box and kept saying I was sorry for what I had done.

I was weeping and screaming, but nothing could turn back time.

I felt like a part of me died. I felt angry. I felt guilty. I felt like my world was coming to an end and that I was the most terrible person on this earth. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. It was the most beautiful thing I ever created, and I destroyed it.

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Salome experienced emotional trauma due to her abortion, and her relationship with her boyfriend suffered as a result.

“It seemed like he recovered much quicker than I had,” she said. “After all, he was far away and didn’t have to see any of what I went through. I felt tired and useless. I spent days just crying, staying in bed, and living in a disorganized, messy room.”

Salome dealt with her grief and remorse for years and continues to feel regret, as is common for women who have suffered the trauma of abortion. It seems clear that workers at the abortion facility did not warn her she might see a fully formed but small baby when the abortion was over. This is not unusual for abortion facilities, known to have withheld the truth about fetal development from abortion clients. Notably, Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers have fought against informed consent laws that would require abortionists to accurately inform women about fetal development.



A recent study found that 77% of women who have abortions by pill regret their decision. Live Action News has shared the stories of many women who regret their abortions by pill,  including one rape survivor. Another woman who took the abortion pill begs other women considering abortion, “Please don’t do it.”

That woman too had a horrific experience of bleeding and pain. She said:

It’s like being in labour… I threw up … it kept going like that for an hour with the cramps, I screamed of the intense pain, started getting a fever, threw up and just kept going then I started getting a runny tummy…I tried to curl up from the pain, my breathing was as if I was in labour, sweating, crying, throwing up…

The abortion pill is hardly like having a period!

Editor’s Note: If you have taken the first dose of the abortion pill and regret it, help is available at AbortionPillReversal.com or by calling 877.558.0333.

Source: Janet Morana Shockwaves: Abortions Wider Circle of Victims (New Jersey: Catholic Book Publishing Corp., 2017) 62 – 63

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