WSJ highlights pro-abortion group recruiting ‘passive’ men with ‘something to lose’

The abortion industry has always had an ally in pro-abortion young men — albeit they were often media-shy. But now, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is seemingly highlighting as heroes the young men who are going door-to-door to convince other men to take the low road and support the killing of preborn children, rather than supporting women and children in life-affirming ways.

Before Roe v. Wade forced the acceptance of legalized abortion in every state, most men chose to either marry the woman they impregnated and raise the child together, or wait until marriage to have sex — which is what is statistically best for children and mothers. But after Roe was decided, abortion advocates dubbed killing the baby to be the responsible choice, and irresponsible men — happy to use women for sex, but not happy to experience a new human life as a result of sex — went all-in on supporting abortion under the guise of their partners’ ‘choice.’

Without Roe, are pro-choice men panicking? And if they are, might this be a potential danger to women?

“Accomplices” in fight for abortion

Now that Roe is dead, it appears pro-abortion young men are getting more vocal about their desire to keep abortion legal — because of how the prospect of living progeny would affect them. WSJ followed men from the organization Men4Choice as they went door-to-door in Florida to gain support for a constitutional amendment aimed at making abortion a right.



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Gabriel Gomez, 25, is a former volunteer with the group and is now an organizer with the organization’s Yes on 4 campaign to put a right to abortion on the Florida ballot this November.

“We know that as men, we’re most likely to listen to our peers,” he told WSJ. “It’s important that we are not just allies, but accomplices in this fight for reproductive justice.”

These are two very telling sentences.

First, Gomez props up pro-abortion men as the ones who will restore full abortion access in every U.S. state, implying that men don’t listen to women — and therefore pro-abortion women need men to swoop in and solve their pro-abortion problems for them. (So much for the pro-abortion feminist mantra of “no uterus, no opinion.”) Gomez seems to say pro-choice women failed at giving pro-choice men what they want.

Second, Gomez chooses the word “accomplices” when he speaks of how he believes men should be involved in pro-abortion efforts. An accomplice is specifically “a person who helps another commit a crime,” or “one associated with another especially in wrongdoing.” So he’s not wrong. Those who promote legalized abortion are accomplices to child killing and have the blood of innocent children on their hands, just as the abortionists do.

But why does Gomez — at age 25 — want to be an “accomplice” to the act of abortion?

“Abortion rights are pro-choice men’s rights”

Live Action exposed the truth about the motives of pro-choice men in its satire video, Abortion Rights are Pro-Choice Men’s Rights. But there’s, of course, truth to the spoof — as seen in the article, “Men like me benefit from safe abortion access,” published on WBUR’s Cognoscenti forum.

The author, Kaivan Shroff, offers reasons that he is pro-choice and doesn’t want a child. His quotes mirror the satirical statements in Live Action’s video. For example:

“Pro-choice” man (Shroff): “At 28, after 10 years of college and multiple graduate schools, in many ways, it feels like my life is just about to begin.”

#ProChoiceMen translates: “Abortion has allowed [me to] … stay home and chase my dream of becoming a professional gamer, comedian, and social media influencer.”

Read the rest here. Pro-choice men benefit from abortion because they can use women for sex and when a woman becomes pregnant with a man’s child, he can shrug and tell her it’s her “choice” to have the baby or not, but that his choice is to walk away if she has the baby. The onus is then on her. He claims to be pro-choice, but in reality, he’s only supportive of one choice in such a situation: the choice to end the pregnancy through abortion.

Shroff even said legalized abortion allowed him to be more promiscuous: “I’ve viewed accessible abortion as something my partners and I could reasonably rely on as a last resort. That security has informed my approach to sexual exploration and relationships.”

In other words — women only matter to him for his own “sexual exploration” purposes — and only because any preborn babies who are created can be destroyed and he can move on to “exploration” with other women. And he expects them to kill their babies.

One study regarding the influence men have over their partners when it comes to abortion found that 42% of the male respondents said they encouraged their pregnant partners to abort, 27% said they discouraged the abortions, and 31% said they did not offer any advice at all about the abortions. Whether they wanted their children or not, the men in that 31% emotionally abandoned the women by leaving them alone in their “choices.”

Men4Choice wants to “activate” men “with something to lose”

According to its website, Men4Choice is “growing our movement in 2023 for the fights ahead.” It states, “Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade in the summer of 2022, we saw an all-out assault on reproductive freedom across the country.” It continues, “In the midst of this new landscape, Men4Choice doubled down on our commitment to growing our movement and engaging more pro-choice allies than ever before. We doubled the number of Youth Fellows we’ve trained as organizers, launched new partnerships with national leaders, and took our message and strategy of activating passive male allies to a global audience.”

It trained 72 new organizers in 2023 and organized more than 215 events, partnering with Douglas Emhoff, husband of Vice President Kamala Harris and the Second Gentleman of the United States. It is testing its strategy to see if it can reach “passively pro-choice men.”

Co-executive director of Men4Choice, Oren Jacobsen, explained, that the organization is “helping men understand they’re stakeholders in this fight with something to lose.”

This is a dangerous game. As seen in the statistics above, many men already pressure women to abort their children, and this movement has the potential to increase that pressure. As Live Action News has previously noted:

Studies show that 64% of post-abortive women felt pressured to abort. At the same time, 67% received no counseling before undergoing the abortion and 79% received no information about available alternatives. Often, mothers face pressure from parents, boyfriends, employers, and friends to undergo an abortion.

Some men even resort to violence when a woman chooses not to abort. Homicide is one of the leading causes of death for pregnant women, over and above any pregnancy-related health cause — and “the majority of these pregnancy-associated homicides are linked to the lethal combination of intimate partner violence and firearms….” The problem, however, isn’t what weapon is chosen, but the fact that these men feel entitled to exact violence and even death on their partners and their preborn children. Men4Choice doesn’t seem to realize that these men already “understand” that they have “something to lose” (their sexual license) — and when pressuring a partner to abort doesn’t work, homicide can be the tragic result. Men4Choice’s efforts have the potential to victimize women and children to an even greater degree.

Sadly, many “pro-choice” men don’t understand what they stand to gain as husbands and fathers, and are panicked about losing their ability to more easily use women for sex, as pro-life laws are passed around the nation. Men4Choice’s first state of focus is Florida, where preborn children are now protected from abortion beginning at about six weeks, thanks to the fall of Roe.

By acting as ‘accomplices’ in efforts to ensure that abortion is available to women, these men are showing their true colors — and those who saw the WSJ video on Instagram called them out on it.

One commenter wrote, “This is not noble or moral.”

Another wrote, “Yes, abortion is a great way for weak men to get out of taking responsibility for their children and/or paying child support!”

Another said, “Weak men stepping in to encourage abdicating responsibility for your actions isn’t new.”

And yet another called them “cringe woke dudes…”

The DOJ put a pro-life grandmother in jail for protesting the killing of preborn children. Please take 30-seconds to TELL CONGRESS: STOP THE DOJ FROM TARGETING PRO-LIFE AMERICANS.

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