Sarah Silverman: The abortion movement’s Nutty Professor

As you may have heard, Sarah Silverman is offering lessons on fetal development. In one of her recent lectures, she pointed out that fetuses are just “goo.” Granted, there are some important similarities between the goo and you.

The Mayo Clinic states that a fetus’ heart develops at around the third week following conception, while finger nails start to grow seven weeks after that. And, according to research by Dr. Kawaljeet Anand at the University of Tennessee, a pre-born child is capable of feeling pain by the twentieth week of a pregnancy. For some reason the comedian didn’t go over these facts.

"We'll get into advanced goo-deology next semester..."

“We’ll get into advanced goo-deology next semester…”

Human reproduction isn’t the only subject that Prof. Silverman has been covering. She also explained the pro-life message, summarizing it as, “You’re on your own, slut.” Unfortunately, it appears that Sarah is a little confused. While it’s true that the mindset she’s describing does exist, you’re more likely to find it among the staff and supporters of Planned Parenthood than anyone who writes for Live Action.

I’ve never really been a fan of the word “slut.” That’s not the case with Tucker Max, however. Tucker is the author of I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, a book that recounts his passion in life: sleeping with drunken, self-destructive women and then calling them sluts and whores. Naturally, this has made Mr. Max a frequent customer of the abortion industry, something he highlights in his self-referential follow-up volume, Assholes Finish First.

Tucker asserts that because of the “slutty nature” of his sexual partners, he has “accumulated enough stories and anecdotes about abortion that they could name a Planned Parenthood clinic after me.” Tucker showed his gratitude to Planned Parenthood in 2012 when he offered to donate half a million dollars to the organization. He may have wanted to help improve the group’s ascetics since, on a trip to the Sunshine State, Tucker complained that South Florida resembled “a giant Planned Parenthood waiting room,” noting that it was equipped with “shitty design” and was infested with “slutty whores.”

Tucker is far from being the only abortion supporter who fits this mold; you can find a few others on the Returnofkings website . One of them, Christian McQueen, composed a how-to-guide on taking advantage of emotionally damaged women: “The Ten Slut Commandments.”   Commandment #4 stresses the importance of convincing a woman to have an abortion if she’s been inconsiderate enough to get pregnant.

Another ROK contributor, “Bacon,” provides explicit instructions regarding that subject in a helpful piece called “How To Convince A Girl To Get An Abortion.”

Abortion is a private matter between a woman and her doctor…and apparently this guy.

Of course, even this method will occasionally fail, which is why some disaffected pro-aborts are willing to take a more hands-on approach. Roxanne Fernando’s bloody corpse was discovered in 2007 after she defied her boyfriend’s order to abort their child. Tasha Rossette met a similar fate in 2005. Leah Diver successfully resisted her abuser’s pressure to have an abortion, although the multiple stab wounds that he inflicted probably didn’t make things easy. Given these cases, it’s not surprising that homicide is a leading cause of death among pregnant women.

As for “being on your own,” Planned Parenthood has plenty of experience with relaying that message. Sex abuse survivor Denise Fairbanks sued Planned Parenthood after she told personnel at an Ohio abortion clinic that she had been raped by her father and then brought to the facility against her will. The staff proceeded to abort Denise’s child and then turned her back over to her abuser. Similar events have been documented at Planned Parenthood centers in Ohio as well as at clinics in California and Connecticut.

Planned Parenthood employees in Arizona seem to have no problem with letting teenage girls fend for themselves. A fifteen-year-old sexual assault victim in Pinal County says that a Planned Parenthood counselor told her not to go through the hassle of reporting her attack.  The alleged perpetrator, Tyler Kost, is believed to have targeted eighteen other teenagers before finally being caught. According to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, an investigation could have been started “months before” Kost was arrested had Planned Parenthood filed a report.

And then there are the videos released by Live Action showing how Planned Parenthood staff reacted when people came to them claiming to be sex traffickers. Rather than calling the police, one of the employees, Amy Woodruff, offered to set up involuntary abortions on child prostitutes who “don’t speak English” and “won’t know what’s going on.”

How does the  pro-life movement contrast with all of this? Well, many of us disapprove of using the word “slut.” (“Whore” isn’t a mainstay of my verbal repertoire either). We also try to help vulnerable women and children get the help that they need. Material aid and emotional support can be found at pregnancy care centers, along with information about parenting and adoption. Finally, we’re working to end the abuse that Planned Parenthood commits through having it defunded. You can help with that effort by signing Live Action’s petition along with making sure that pro-abortion politicians have to answer for their record.

Hopefully Prof. Silverman can study some remedial material on both “goo” and the pro-life message. As the facts above demonstrate, she needs to revise her syllabus before offering any more lessons.

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