Pro-abortion website attacks women’s fertility awareness app


The pro-abortion website ExposeFakeClinics has launched an attack on the fertility awareness-based FEMM Health app because it does not promote the use of hormonal birth control, and because it is endorsed by pro-life groups.

Natural methods of achieving and avoiding pregnancy have been rising in popularity as women learn more about the horrific side effects of hormonal birth control. For a woman, understanding her own personal cycle is empowering and allows her to make healthy choices, notice changes in her health more easily, and take steps to avoid or achieve pregnancy.

The FEMM Health app is one of many ways women are using technology to meet their fertility needs. With an average 4.4-star review in Google Play, the FEMM Health app has been well-received. It has a lot to offer, including the ability to track basal body temperature, cervical mucus, and hormones so that women know exactly when they are fertile and when they aren’t.

Yet, because the FEMM Health app promotes natural fertility monitoring over hormonal birth control, ExposeFakeClinics is asking abortion advocates to download the app just to write a bad review, even if they’ve never even used the app. It even tells women what to write for the review and to give a thumbs up to other “accurate reviews.”

But how can a review ever be accurate if you’ve never used the product?

“[T]he only pregnancy prevention method even mentioned is to ‘avoid genital contact during your fertile window.’ That’s. It. Nothing about hormonal birth control or even condoms,” said ExposeFakeClinics.

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But what really makes them angry at ExposeFakeClinics is that the app uses teachers and researchers to help women one-on-one — and some of those teachers/researchers are against abortion and against hormonal birth control. What these abortion advocates don’t seem to understand is that there are millions of pro-life women who don’t want to poison their bodies with hormonal birth control, are in committed relationships, and won’t have abortions even if they experience an unplanned pregnancy — which, by the way, has the potential to happen while a woman is on any kind of birth control.

An additional sore spot for ExposeFakeClinics is that pregnancy help centers — a small percentage of which receive federal funds — use the FEMM Health app to help women and couples.

ExposeFakeClinics isn’t the first to attack this app. The Guardian took shots at the app, as well as its pro-life and Catholic financial supporters, in 2019. The online magazine said that the app “sows doubt about the safety and efficacy of hormonal birth control, asserting that it may be deleterious to a woman’s health and that a safer, ‘natural’ way for women to avoid pregnancy is to learn their cycles.” But this is absolutely true and accurate. There are significant issues with the safety and efficacy of hormonal birth control and learning about her own cycle is safer and more natural for a woman.

The truth is, abortion advocates and the abortion industry only care about one thing — abortion. When pro-life women find something that truly provides help — such as pregnancy centers and fertility apps — it enrages abortion advocates and causes them to pull all the stops to shut down these pro-life resources, even convincing other women to publicly lie and mislead others because of blind faith in liberal feminism’s tools of birth control and abortion.

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