Tragic loss: Parents grieve death of premature baby in heartbreaking photos
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Tragic loss: Parents grieve death of premature baby in heartbreaking photos

19 weeks premature

When Amber went into labor on July 1, she was only 19 weeks and five days along in her pregnancy. Her water had broken and she was terrified. She and her husband Monty together welcomed and said goodbye to their premature baby girl, who lived outside the womb for just 17 minutes. Professional photographer Carly’s Lens was present at the birth of Amber and Monty’s daughter Emily-Anne Olive Ross and shared their story in an essay for Love What Matters.

“I met Amber and Monty on the best and worst day of their lives, but when I walked into that hospital room, all I felt was the love,” she wrote. “Amber was on her yoga ball, arms on the bed, Monty behind her with a hand on her shoulder. I got to document two people who were undoubtedly going to survive this loss together, and squeeze every drop of joy out of this time they got with their daughter that they could. I knew this because of the mutual tenderness between them.”


Amber was the one physically giving birth but she knew that Monty was losing his daughter too. And Monty, though in anguish himself, was able to stand by Amber as she went through the physical and emotional pain of the day. Friends and family supported the couple throughout the labor and delivery, sharing laughter and tears.

“There was never one moment when room 114 was not overflowing with love,” wrote Carly’s Lens. “Monty was an incredible birth partner for Amber. He wiped her sweat away, held her hand, breathed with her, rubbed her back, made her laugh, and reminded her frequently how much he loved her. He is a 6’4″ jokester of a man, and it was clear he doesn’t like to see anyone sad. He deflected his own grief to try to make sure that everybody else was okay. But we all knew that deep down, this was tearing him up. How could it not?”


Monty was strong for Amber, but he soon broke down, showing the truth that men love their preborn babies and mourn them when they are lost to miscarriage or preterm birth. Many men also suffer when they lose their children to abortion.


At 10:52 p.m. Emily-Ann was born and lived knowing only love. Her parents marveled at her fingernails and hair follicles, said Carly’s Lens. At 19 weeks, babies are nearly fully formed and have begun to develop their senses. This is about the time when mothers are beginning to feel their kicks. While considered still too young to survive outside the womb, premature babies born just two weeks later at 21 weeks have survived.


Abortion is still legal at 19 weeks for any reason whatsoever and is most commonly committed using a Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) abortion procedure in which the baby is killed when the abortionist rips her limbs off of her body. Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levation explains a D&E procedure in the video below:


Emily-Anne proves that preborn children are human beings worthy and deserving of life and love. Her parents saw the wonder and blessing of her life, despite its brevity, and they mourned the loss of their baby girl. They want other parents suffering a similar loss to know that they are not alone and that their children’s lives matter.

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