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Born at 22 weeks, Thomas is one of the youngest babies ever to survive

Dan and Deborah FioRito already had eight children when they were expecting their youngest child Thomas. However, nothing could have prepared them for how Baby Thomas entered the world. In a new short film from Pro-Life Champions, the FioRitos share their incredible story of Baby Thomas, who was born at just 22 weeks. At the time, he was the second youngest baby to be born in the United States.

When Deborah’s water broke prematurely at 21 weeks and five days, the family was told that Baby Thomas would not be viable. Dan and Deborah were given discouraging statistics about the possibility of life-long disabilities for a premature baby born at 22 weeks, including blindness and immobility, and they were not offered any hope.

premature baby Thomas

Screenshot: Shout My Story

In this time of fear and uncertainty, one doctor offered to kill Baby Thomas in an abortion.

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The story of what happened next, told in the short film “The Miracle Baby Thomas” shows the family’s great courage in choosing life for their premature son and Baby Thomas’s journey to the thriving toddler he is today.

His father, Dan, says, “Thomas is a testament to life and there’s a reason that Thomas was born the way he is. I firmly believe it’s God’s will to affect others.”

The short film was produced as part of the Shout My Story campaign, a platform for families to share their stories of choosing life in difficult circumstances. The campaign name is a response to organizations like Shout Your Abortion, which present abortion as normal and necessary.

Creators of the pro-life Shout My Story note that many women are pressured to choose abortion in a variety of circumstances. They write about the pressure mothers face: “If her baby is diagnosed with a fetal abnormality, she is offered ‘termination’ and might even be made to feel she is being ‘selfish’ if she chooses life for her baby.” Under this pressure to kill their child in abortion instead of giving birth to a premature baby who might be disabled, the FioRitos chose life.

John Morales, who wrote, produced and directed the short film about Baby Thomas, told Christian Newswire, “I believe that The Miracle Baby Thomas Story is an amazing, emotionally powerful short film that will touch your heart and inspire you to choose life despite the most difficult gut-wrenching circumstances. The story of Baby Thomas must be shared with America and with the world.”

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Deborah says, “Don’t let anyone tell you what is viable and not viable. Thomas came into the world. I had never even heard of a baby being born at 22 weeks and not only did he come into the world but he’s perfect. You know it’s amazing. It was a miracle.”

“The Miracle Baby Thomas Story” is available at the Shout My Story website and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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