Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Center botches abortion in center’s fifth incident of 2017

The reality of abortion is that it is anything but safe, not just for the preborn child, but often for the mother as well.

From the Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood center in New York City comes such a tragic story. As Operation Rescue reported on Tuesday, the center sent a patient to the hospital on May 24 following a botched abortion. All abortions are tragic, but there’s something particularly tragic about Planned Parenthood’s role in this case, considering the fact that the victim’s fiancé tried to talk her out of the abortion.

This man had dropped his fiancée off at the center. While speaking to a pro-life witness (named Michael) outside the center, the man was offered pro-life alternatives, and attempted to try to talk his fiancée out of the abortion. However, the abortion facility security guard barred him from going inside. While standing outside, helpless, the man continued to speak with Michael, as well as a nun with Sisters of Life, who likewise offered him alternatives.

The man’s fiancée would end up fighting for her life as a result of a botched abortion. According to Operation Rescue, three hours after the man left, Michael saw an ambulance pull up. The victim was taken to the NYU Langdon Medical Center, where she underwent surgery for two and a half hours, as was confirmed by the nun who called the hospital. Michael also confirmed with the man that his fiancée was “recovering slowly.”

The incident is tragic, and demonstrates several issues with the abortion industry and abortion in this country:

1. The abortion movement is anything but ‘pro-choice’.

If the abortion movement was truly “pro-choice,” the man would have been allowed to enter to speak to his fiancée. He would not have been blocked from entering the building after the security guard simply saw him speaking to a pro-life activist, who was offering him the opportunity to consider another point of view.

It’s sadly no surprise that Planned Parenthood, which is  opposed to virtually all abortion regulations and restrictions, would also oppose informed consent laws which require that women are given information about abortion risks and fetal development. Planned Parenthood would also not oppose the actions of peaceful sidewalk counselors as fervently as they do.

In past investigations, Live Action exposed the fact that Planned Parenthood gives women inaccurate information on fetal development.

2. Men are at an unfair disadvantage when it comes to their own preborn children.

Even if this man had been able to enter and meet with his fiancée, the law would have provided him no remedy, regardless of whether the child being aborted was his child.

Unfortunately, however, Roe v. Wade is the current law of the land, and was upheld and strengthened by Planned Parenthood Parenthood v. Casey, which struck down a law requiring spousal notification before a woman obtains an abortion.

3. Abortion is not safe and it’s not health care.

Ironically, the Margaret Sanger Center has a sign reading, “Healthcare happens here.” But abortion is not healthcare. A botched abortion is not a new happening at that Planned Parenthood, as this is the fifth incident at this particular center just this year.

On the whole, Planned Parenthood isn’t doing so well with safety. Recently, before Operation Rescue released information about this particular incident, Live Action News reported that Planned Parenthood has had 21 medical emergencies at its facilities thus far in 2017, meaning there are now at least 22. Five of those happened at the Margaret Sanger Center.

The abortion giant has seen an increase in its taxpayer dollars, and in abortions, but when it comes to actual health care — like cancer screenings — the organization continues to see a dramatic decrease in such services.

Abortion, wherever it is performed, is never safe for the child, and is sometimes unsafe for the mother as well. This victim clearly suffered physically from her abortion, like many other women. Others may suffer longer after the fact, psychologically and physically, and the abortion industry propagates the hurt by denying any culpability in the woman’s pain.

Planned Parenthood isn’t particularly in the business of saving lives — it destroys them. Sometimes it does so through botched abortions, which no one would ever consider to be health care.

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