Planned Parenthood gave millions to Virginia's extreme pro-abortion governor and delegate

Planned Parenthood gave millions to Virginia’s extreme pro-abortion governor and delegate

Image: Planned Parenthood endorsed VA Gov. Ralph Northam and Rep. Kathy Tran

The public has been horrified by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s signing of the Reproductive Health Act — which removes virtually all protections for preborn children in the state — and by Virginia Democratic lawmakers’ attempts to push through an extreme bill that Delegate Kathy Tran admitted would allow for abortion even after a woman goes into labor. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam got himself into some hot water of his own when he attempted to defend the bill on a radio show, and sounded to some as if he were defending the act of infanticide. The pro-abortion governor responded on Twitter — but his response rang hollow (and utterly ironic) to many.

But the devotion of these Virginia and New York lawmakers seems to actually be directed toward a very large donor to their campaigns — one which stands to gain a large windfall from the removal of restrictions on abortion and which has been working to expand abortion across the nation: Planned Parenthood. In 2015, the Center for Medical Progress recorded Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, admitting that her organization wanted to become more heavily involved in offering late-term abortions. And it is Planned Parenthood dollars that support politicians like Northam and Tran.

According to CNS News, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia, the abortion giant’s state advocacy arm, vowed to provide $3 million to the pro-abortion Governor in 2017. Voter contribution reports gathered by two organizations reveal that Planned Parenthood gave Gov. Ralph Northam closer to $2 million in 2017. indicates that Northam’s campaign received $1,976,881.07 from Planned Parenthood Virginia and $115,453.86 from Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Virginia Public Access Project shows nearly $150,000 was given to Northam by Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

According to, Planned Parenthood of Virginia also gave $2,792.62 to the political campaign of Virginia State Rep. Kathy Tran, the sponsor of the late-term abortion proposal that would allow abortions up to 40 weeks, for any reason. Additional candidates were also funded, according to VPAP. In Virginia, Planned Parenthood has multiple facilities, and those that don’t commit abortions refer to other Planned Parenthood affiliates for them.

Image: Planned Parenthood endorsed VA Gov. Ralph Northam and Rep. Kathy Tran

Planned Parenthood endorsed VA Gov. Ralph Northam and Rep. Kathy Tran

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Governor Northam was wined and dined as a guest at Planned Parenthood events, including the organization’s “Pink Ball.”  In a video published by the abortion corporation’s DC affiliate, you can see the Governor posing at the event.

According to, then Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam “put in appearances” at the event where the organization mocked Vice President Mike Pence by featuring, the “Mike Hot Pence, a doppelganger of the vice president known for raising money for Planned Parenthood and a variety of other groups while pantsless.” The group uploaded a picture of Northam greeting DC’s Mayor at the ball.

Image: VA Gov Ralph Northam at Planned Parenthood Pink Ball

VA Gov Ralph Northam at Planned Parenthood Pink Ball

Planned Parenthood Advocates of VA have called Kathy Tran, Gov. Northam, and other pro-abortion politicians “champions.” Northam had previously vowed not to defund Planned Parenthood.

See screenshots of Virginia Public Access’s donation records below:

Image: Planned Parenthood of VA PPACT 2017 contributions Gov Northam (Image:

Planned Parenthood of VA PPACT 2017 contributions Gov Northam (Image:

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