Whistleblower: Planned Parenthood abortionist left baby’s head inside woman and did not report complication

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Live Action News has covered the story of Mayra Rodriguez, who was fired from Planned Parenthood after reporting an abortionist who injured multiple women. Rodriguez later won a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood for wrongful termination. Pro-life group And Then There Were None has now released more of Rodriguez’s story.

Rodriguez was the director of three different Planned Parenthood facilities when she noticed something disturbing about one of the abortionists. She said:

[I] began to notice a strange pattern occurring in our abortion recovery room: complications, such as perforations, or girls experiencing all manner of mistakes that resulted in blood, pain and crying, seemed to happen on the days when one particular abortionist worked out of our office—the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Arizona.

Rodriguez said she discovered that 50% of the state’s reported complications were patients of this doctor. Just as Rodriguez realized this, she said a Planned Parenthood worker ran up to her with “a terrified look in her eyes.” The abortion workers could not find the head of the baby the doctor had just aborted. The abortionist had committed the abortion and then inserted an IUD, apparently leaving the child’s head inside the woman.

The doctor became angry when Rodriguez confronted him. She said, “The angry, choice words the doctor had for me really had no effect—there was nothing to argue about. Either the doctor accounts for every body part before he leaves the room, or it is not finished.”

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The doctor reluctantly did an ultrasound, confirming that the head of the baby was in still inside the woman

After he claimed that it was probably just a matter of inadvertently losing the head in the trash, he ordered an ultrasound to see if it was left inside the patient. It was there. He hastily and angrily sat back down to put that poor 19-year-old girl through her second abortion in 30 minutes, take out an IUD he had already inserted, remove the head, and then, in a nearly impossible-to-fathom move, he began to reinsert the very same IUD.

Horrified at this action, which could have caused a terrible infection, Rodriguez yelled, “Doctor, no! You can’t do that!”

Rodriguez said she went back to her office in a state of disbelief at the doctor’s incompetence and indifference to the woman’s health. She said:

This was no fly by night, freelance abortionist. This was our lauded doctor of many years who had the complete confidence of the Planned Parenthood executives to be placed in charge of all the other doctors in Arizona and yet he was as incompetent as someone masquerading as a physician….

Planned Parenthood was supposed to keep a written record of complications in a logbook. When Rodriguez checked the book, the doctor had written nothing about the incident. He had not documented the complication. The incident was covered up. Rodriguez said, “[The abortionist] put no value on the girl who he almost released into the world with the severed head still inside her womb, a mistake that surely would have threatened her life. Yet he paid her no mind.”

She realized that others must know this doctor’s record. People were looking the other way while he injured women:

This kind of behavior was not done without other people knowing. For it to have gone on so long, there had to be many people, high and low in the organization, who were keeping quiet—or were made to. If 50% of all incidents ranging from botched abortions, falsification of charts and patient records, illegal practices, unreported statutory rape, dangerous mistakes and injury could be traced to one doctor, why wasn’t he gone a long time ago? Planned Parenthood was dedicated to women’s health.

Or was it?

Rodriguez went on to report the abortionist and lost her job over it. But despite her efforts to protect women, the abortionist mentioned is allegedly still committing abortions at Planned Parenthood.

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