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Pharmacy partnerships emerge to ship dangerous abortion pills by mail

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Two mail order pharmacies (Honeybee Health and American Mail Order Pharmacy, Inc.) are beginning to partner with the abortion industry to ship abortion pills by mail now that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has weakened the REMS safety system to allow the practice. The move comes as a growing number of these unregulated abortion pill dispensaries are flooding the online space to compete with brick and mortar facilities and profit off the death of preborn children. It is unlikely that the average American, who may purchase medications from these pharmacies is aware of their partnerships with abortion profiteers.

Honeybee Health

The California based Honeybee Health once bragged that they were the first pharmacy to ship abortion pills for prescribers of the drug, even calling the move “a momentous achievement for Americans.” The pharmacy was founded in 2017 by Peter Wang and Dr. Jessica Nouhavandi who recently referred to abortion safety regulations as “archaic.” On her Twitter account, Nouhavandi who is a pharmacist, also referred to abortion as “healthcare and a constitutional right.”  

Multiple virtual abortion pill dispensaries have openly acknowledged partnerships with Honeybee Health as their conduit for shipping abortion pills to clients. In January, Cindy Adam, the co-founder of the online abortion pill website Choix, told Ms. Magazine they “opened up mailing mifepristone through Honeybee Health pharmacy” and they can ship “to California in one to two business days, to Colorado in one to three days, and to Illinois in one to four days.”

Hey Jane, another online abortion pill dispensary, confirmed use of Honeybee Health pharmacy on their website’s FAQ page where they claim to ship chemical abortion pills via “UPS Ground” shipping in “plain white envelope[s]” to “protect” client privacy.” As you can see in the image below, Honeybee Health is returning the business by promoting multiple abortion groups now offering abortion pills by mail.

Image: HoneyBee Health pharmacy promoting abortion pills online

HoneyBee Health pharmacy promoting abortion pills online

Robin Tucker, a nurse practitioner associated with MYA Network, offers abortion pills by telehealth at Metro Area Advanced Practice Healthcare. She told Ms. Magazine that Honeybee Health works “directly with the supplier” to send “prescriptions priority mail.” Tucker’s online abortion dispensary refers to Honeybee Health as a “partner pharmacy” on their website.

Abortionist Michele Gomez, MD, a MYA Network co-founder and a self-proclaimed “activist physician,” who happens to work for Family Care Associates in Burlingame, Calif., told Ms. Magazine that rather than mailing the abortion pills herself, she “started working with Honeybee Health…” and she noted that “Honeybee’s standard delivery arrives in 3-5  days.”

“Honeybee makes the process really easy for me and the patient. But when I mail the pills myself, I can include little extras like hard candies to help get rid of the bad taste from the mifepristone, tea to help the patient relax, positive affirmations, instructions for making their own heating pad, and my own patient information.  It feels like a homemade abortion kit, and patients have really appreciated it,” Gomez also said.

Lilth Care, also part of the MYA Network, claims online that once an abortion client is approved, their “prescription will be sent electronically to Honeybee Pharmacy” where the abortion pills will be “shipped directly” in “discreet packaging by Honeybee” within “2 business days through UPS.”

According to information posted on Reddit, the overseas online abortion pill group Aid Access may also be utilizing Honeybee Health’s services. Aid Access was recently cited by the FDA for illegally shipping abortion pills into the U.S. The unregulated group responded by expressing its intent to defy the FDA’s warnings.

Pills by Post

Abortion pill dispensary Pills by Post openly admits to shipping the potentially dangerous abortion pill regimen to teens as young as 14 years-old, yet their physician claims she is unavailable during the day for clients experiencing potential emergencies.

PillsbyPost.com uses pro-abortion pharmacy Honeybee Health, with abortionist Razel Remen claiming to Ms. Magazine that it was the reason she was “able to join Aid Access” and start providing abortion pills via telemedicine.

“It was only when the pharmacy Honeybee Health started offering to ship mifepristone and misoprostol directly to patients that I was able to join Aid Access and start providing telemedicine services in October of 2021,” Remen stated.

Asked by Carrie Baker at Ms. Magazine whether it was difficult to “meet the FDA requirement that physicians distributing mifepristone must be certified with a distributor,” Remen responded by saying, “No, it’s not difficult. It’s just paperwork. They ask you for your medical license and your business entity, if you have one. And now that the pharmacy Honeybee Health exists, you don’t have to worry about having a brick-and-mortar location.”

American Mail Order Pharmacy (AMOPRx)

American Mail Order Pharmacy, Inc. (AMOP), founded in 2006, is located in Warren, Michigan and appears to be owned by Samuel Hassan Awada. AMOP was acknowledged for their assistance in a study conducted by abortion enthusiast Dr. Daniel Grossman, a former NARAL and NAF board member who has been seeking to expand access to the abortion pill.

AMOP as well as Honeybee Health are the pharmacies of choice used by Christie Pitney of Forward Midwifery, a MYA Network member, to ship abortion pills for her clients. Likewise, Dr. Julie Amaon, medical director for online abortion pill dispensary Abortion Delivered (a.k.a. Just The Pill), told Ms. Magazine they also use both pharmacies depending “on the state and shipping address.” Dr. Jamie Phifer, founder of the online abortion pill site Abortion on Demand (AOD), named just American Mail Order Pharmacy as their go-to. In addition, Whole Woman’s Health (WWH) abortionist Alison Case admitted to Ms. Magazine that their abortion chain also uses American Mail Order Pharmacy.

Pharmacists surveyed

In June of last year, Dr. Daniel Grossman and his colleagues (three of whom were consultants for Danco, Inc, the manufacturer of Mifeprex and the generic GenBioPro), published data from a survey accessing pharmacist knowledge of medication abortion. The shocking results, seen in the chart below, revealed that even after training was given, less than half of the pharmacists surveyed understood the effectiveness of the regimen and the gestational age limits of the abortion pill approval by the FDA. In addition, barely half of pharmacists (51%) understood the percentage of patients requiring blood transfusions, 53% understood the risks of taking mifepristone, and 53% understood minor consent laws for abortion. Just under one-third (30%) understood adverse effects such as fevers and chills.

Image: Grossman Pharmacy dispensing abortion pill results of pharmacist knowledge

Grossman Pharmacy dispensing abortion pill results of pharmacist knowledge

Pharmacy Certification Process

The FDA’s December 16, 2021 modifications to the REMS safety system removed the requirement for a client to pick up abortion the pill regimen in-person at an approved abortion facility or hospital, enabling women and minor girls to access the deadly pills virtually, with little to no follow-up. The FDA’s modifications now require pharmacies that dispense the drug be certified” but did not specify what the certification process entailed. Subsequent correspondence with the FDA by Live Action News has clarified that the proposed REMS certification modifications are to be submitted by the abortion pill manufacturer (a.k.a. “applicants”) to the FDA no later than April of this year. The FDA then has up to 180 days to review the proposed changes and publish them to the REMS website.

Once approved, the FDA told Live Action News, “Any pharmacy that meets those qualifications will be able to be certified. The pharmacy certification requirement will ensure that pharmacies are aware of and agree to follow applicable REMS requirements and ensure that mifepristone is only dispensed with a written prescription from certified prescribers.” The FDA added, “At this time, we don’t have data to determine whether mifepristone for medical termination of early pregnancy can be dispensed safely through retail pharmacies in accordance with the REMS.” According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, approval is expected to take place sometime between October or November 2022.

According to a February Bloomberg report, pharmacy chain Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. is not currently seeking an abortion pill pharmacy certification, while CVS Health Corp. “wouldn’t comment on whether it plans to do so.”

Editor’s Note, 3/14/22: Section added on Pills by Post.

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