Louisiana Senate passes stricter medical requirements for abortionists

abortion emergency, complications

On Tuesday, the Louisiana Senate voted 35-0 to pass HB 488, which would require that abortionists be board certified or certifiable in family medicine or obstetrics and gynecology.

The bill, introduced by pro-life Democrat State Representative Katrina Jackson, would also provide that students in OB/GYN or family medicine residency programs could only perform abortions under a board-certified physician’s direct supervision.

Jackson says the new requirements are necessary for patient safety. As Live Action News has covered, other states such as California have gone in the opposite direction by pushing for non-physicians to be permitted to perform abortions, despite a study cited by proponents of the change showing it would increase the likelihood of patients suffering complications.


HB 488 previously passed the state House 87-0, and now goes to pro-life Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards for his signature. It follows recently-advanced legislation in Louisiana to ban dismemberment abortions, study abortion pill reversal, require a 72-hour waiting period for abortion, and defund Planned Parenthood.

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